Oh no, not the Canadians!

Over at USS Neverdock, Marc is getting ready to wet his pants:

US – 2006 End of the liberals?

You know things are bad for the Democrats when Canadians start attacking them.

The link leads the reader to Canada Free Press (“Canada’s fastest growing independent news source”.) Chances you haven’t heard so much about Canada Free Press, but you’ve likely heard of some of their contributors. Rachel Mardsen is a well-known liar and conservative “pundit.” (Is cuntit a word?) Henry Lamb is a conspiracy nut. Alan Caruba runs the award-winning* Anxiety Center.

Oh yeah, the Liberals have lost “Canadians.” We bet not even Adam Yoshida supports them now. Marc continues:

Even the French are tired of their leaders. […] The light grows dim.

We’d ask if Marc realizes that Chirac heads France’s conservative party and that the alternative Socialists are no friends of Bush, but frankly the answer is pretty much a given, isn’t it? Sadly, No!

* Just kidding!


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Canada Free Press is pathetic. Read here (scroll down to the entry entitled Cogita ante salis) to find out how the ditz editor Judi McLeod fell for a Mel Gibson parody site. Ha ha ha!

Rightwingers; their dumbassedness transcends national borders.


I would love to tell a wingnut that.

Wingnut: I hate that liberal pansy Chirac. I hope he loses the next election!
Me: So that the Socialist win instead?
Wingnut: *Head Explodes*


Hysterical Woman, Good Timesâ„¢ indeed!


Sadly, non.

Wingnut: I hate that liberal pansy Chirac. I hope he loses the next election!
You: So that the Socialists win instead?
Wingnut: Mais non! So that nice, Right-minded LePen fellow can win!

(Well, all right. Maybe I’m assuming too much saavy on the the part of our strawman wingnut…)


Like wingnuts know Jean-Marie…
It’s the name: they assume he’s a bra burning, armpit hair-having Frenchwoman.


Is the Canadian public education system entirely successful? As CFP proves, tristement, non!

If the Liberal Party loses the election (and all signs point in that direction) it is certainly not because we’ve seen the Republican light and look to them as a role model for values and competence in governance. I know, we gave you Celine Dion, but give us some credit!

The first reason is the party itself: they got sloppy in their ethics and sloppy with our money, and it’s about time to hold them accountable.

The second reason is, despite the ubiquitous teeth-gnashing, the role of the opposition party is accorded far more respect in Canada than it is in the US. The current opposition can criticize government policies, suggest alternatives and keep the public informed about issues relating to government administration. In short, it can do its job, and although politics is still a blood sport, the mainstream political discourse is far less prone to entertain discussions on which political party is openly traitorous or invoking God’s wrath.

Censorship? Timid Canadian hosers? Good grief, no. Rachel Marsden (our Ann Coulter, eh) and her ilk has a right to say whatever she wants, but nobody’s obliged to hand her a bullhorn. We just prefer to sit at the grown-ups table.

Finally, respect for government opposition is not just cultural, it is institutional. Corporations are limited to $1000 per annum donations to a particular party; electoral boundaries are set by independent commission; and no member of any legislature is eligible to serve on such commissions. That a presidential candidate’s state campaign co-chair can be appointed as the state’s highest electoral officer still utterly boggles the mind.


Ze Canadiens are now attacking? Zut! Whatever shall we do now, mon amis?

Oui, it is always mildly amusing to watch the more ambitious wannabes venture into reality-land and try to play with the big boys (and girls).

Their ill-fated attempts at critique, logic, fact-based analysis, and/or cleverness inevitably sends them scurrying back to their Corners, TownHalls, Republics, PowerWankdoms, and FootballFields where they can once again find comfort in their security blankies of 9/11, freedom-isn’t-free, support-the-troops, W-as-God, proportional fonts, Lucianne, and Clenis-hate.

Wank on, wank on.


The campaign has been kinda bizarre… the Conservatives have so many h/c rightwingers that they have to hide them from public candidate forums or let handlers answer questions for them, because they know some of their viewpoints are so extreme that they couldn’t possibly spin out of it before the election. There is a BC CONServative candidate who shows up on a cd from our good friend, Dr. James Dobson, who states something to the effect that ‘forcing’ gay marriage on Canadians is akin to what Hitler did in Germany. So, um… yeah we are a little frightened. As far as Rachel Marsden, I would make a comment, but am afraid she would read it and start stalking me…


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