End of a Dynasty

Well, it’s been a good run. But when Vinatieri starts missing clutch field goals, you know it’s over. Congrats, Broncs. Beat the Colts next week. You deserve to be champs.


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Brady doesn’t throw that pick, it’s a different game, and the Pats were down three years ago. Sheesh. Next year they’ll have home field.


Brady showed he was mortal this year. Two picks in one game is very un-Brady-like. All over. Maybe if they get a running game next year. But otherwise, dyanasty over.


Mega bummer. I really needed the good guys to win one today.


Damn, damn, DAMN!

The Patriots were supposed to live up to their legacy and knock the Broncos out of this thing.

You see, I live in Denver. And I’m bloody well ready for the pinheaded rallying ’round the team to be over and done with.


Don’t worry, Jas, they’ll be history next week 🙂


Brad also proves himself to be mortal in his playoff picks- which bodes well for Daaaa Bears tomarrow :evil laugh:


Don’t be to sure the Colts will be playing Denver. Pittsburgh might be.


Adam misses a key field goal, Troy fumbles a punt, and Tommy throws a red zone INT? Clearly, somebody in NE pissed off the Football Gods mightily…


My god, was it amateur night out there? Was the team not ready for the lack of breathable atmosphere? WHAT HAPPENED?

Fumble. Fumble. Pick. Fumble. Pick. Good fucking grief. I cut Brady some slack on the last pick — yes, he threw into triple coverage, but it was a desperation play. But that first pick, out of the DENVER END ZONE — what the fuck??!?! All credit to Champ Bailey for running it all the way back, but oh it hurt to watch. Brady was having such a great second half, but just could not get into the end zone. Oh, the pain…

Of course, I blame the officals for that absolutely terrible first-half pass interference call on Samuel. No way should Denver have been in place for that first TD.

Oh well, woulda shoulda coulda. They can still be a dynasty if they win next year — 4 in 6 years is almost as good as 4 in 5 years, right? Maybe my adopted city’s Bears will have better success against the Pantsers.

That was an intentional typo.


Indianapolis won’t be able to walk over the Steelers, wouldn’t be surprised by a Broncs / Steeleres matchup.


Damn, am I the only Broncos fan that visits this site?


Yes- but if it’s any consolation, I’m rooting for you guys to go all the way now.


Guess you know how Oakland felt back when. Cry some more if it makes you feel better.


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