Na-na-na, gonna have a good time…

“Hey man, I heard al-Zawahiri was hiding in this trash can…”
“Aw, Fat Albert, you ain’t nothin’ but an elevator operator!”
“Wha…? Why you call me ‘elevator operator?'”
“Cause you’re always bringin’ people down!”


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Just caught this on the BBC. Good bloody call.


Gee, I wonder how well it would go down if a foreign country attacked a US city, killing dozens of civilians, with the justification of trying to kill a criminal (and it later turns out he wasn’t even there)?


I suspect we may find out quite soon, if this madness lasts much longer.


well, we know who wasn’t killed…now how about they tell us who was killed? all 18 of em. names and faces, please. (“Friday morning’s strike killed eight men, five women and five children, Pakistani intelligence sources told CNN.”)
did they die for the cause of freedom? were they collateral damage? is it possible that their deaths will keep anyone awake at night? a fucking travesty.


What a fucking joke. I remember last night I was dozing off and some wanker on CNN was having a heppy stroke because they thought they killed #2. I’m pretty sure this is an exact quotation:
Anchor:What are the chances that we actually did kill Zarqawi?
Paid wanker:Well as you know, the US government sets a very high bar for intelligence in these sorts of operations, so I think the chanches are excellent!
I remeber feeling sick to my stomach and saying something like: “Sure just like that Slam dunk case for WMD’s. Keep setting that “bar” higher gentlemen…
Then of course, reality hits the next day and I know I’m (unfortunatly) right again. Too bad, I was looking forward to the death celebration at LGF. That sort of news tends to bring out the worst of em.


Holy crap, he actually said “the US government sets a very high bar for intelligence in these sorts of operations”? I’ve lost count of how many times “Al Qaeda’s Number 2” has been killed or captured. That bar would clothesline an earthworm.


“My entire family was killed, and I don’t know whom should I blame for it,” said Sami Ullah, a 17-year old student, as he shifted debris from his ruined home with a hoe. “I only seek justice from God.”


Have they greeted us with flowers and candy yet?

Because that’s how I always greet people who kill my whole damn family.

On a related note….it’s interesting how terrorism is so good for the Preznit’s domestic agenda – fighting it makes him popular with the masses and gives him an excuse to use the Constitution as his own personal spooge tissue – and then our government keeps undertaking actions that are all but guaranteed to keep producing future generations of – terrorists.

I’m not talking conspiracy theory here. I’m just saying that I don’t see anyone in the current administration having much of a motivation to avoid doing shit like this.


As usual, when you start randomly pitching 500lb. bombs around, chaos and carnage. Or perhaps not-so-random. This “very high bar intelligence” likely came from someone with a score to settle with some of these people. Report al-Zawahiri’s presence, and badda-bing, badda-boom, no more enemies. And best of all, no messy evidence-trail leading back to you for the survivors to follow! From what I understand, we plan to rely on Iraqis to call in airstrikes against “insurgents” when we finally start pulling down the numbers of our ground troops there. How much do you want to bet that this sort of thing starts happening? A lot.


You’re right Marq. I can just see the fliers on the telephone poles..”Jilted lovers of Iraq UNITE! Ye shall have vengeance…courtesy of U.S. Government.”


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