This Week’s Playoff Predictions

Click below the fold if you want my predictions. I was four-for-four last week, so I could be onto something…

1.) Patriots v.s. Broncos– This ain’t gonna be easy. We’re essentially fighting over who gets to lose to the Colts next week. I’m confident that the Pats can slow down Denver’s running game and force Plummer to throw more than he’d like to. But I’m also certain that the Pats’ rushers will be completely shut down- I honestly can’t remember a time when Corey Dillon has looked worse. Plus, the Broncos played an astonishing ten games against teams with winning records this year, and won seven of them. The good news is, Tom Brady has a solid group of receivers to pass to, even if Champ Bailey takes Deion Branch out of the equation. I’ll predict the Pats barely squeak by, 20-17, on a last-minute Vinatieri field goal.

2.) Redskins v.s. Seahawks (I’m sorry, DB, but I didn’t name the teams. Please write to the NFL if you’re offended)- I hate to break this to Oliver, but his team has no shot. None. Seattle held opponents to 94.375 rushing yards per game, fifth-lowest in the NFL. If the Redskins are forced to rely on Mark Brunell’s arm… well, it’s not gonna be pretty. And yeah, I know Washington beat Seattle earlier in the year, but the Seahawks weren’t at home and they didn’t have an extra week to prepare.

3.) Panthers v.s. DAAAAAAA Bears– I think this is gonna be the most exciting game to watch. You’ve got two outstanding defenses who ranked first and second in points allowed in the NFC. I barely give the edge to Carolina because they actually have a quarterback.

4.) Colts v.s. Steelers– Indy’s gonna win, but I think it’s gonna be closer than most people predict. Remember, the Steelers only allowed 15 passing TD’s all season and had the league’s fourth-best overall defense. I think Indy wins this one by a touchdown.


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I don’t care what you think, I’m still rootin’ for that team out of DC.


Yeah, you snooty Germans with your “other” football.

BTW, Seb, did you see Bush’s press conference with your new chancellor yesterday? It was yet another example of why he will always embarass me.


Not that I disagree with most of your picks, but I hope it doesn’t go down that way. A Steelers/Broncos AFC championship game would be neat, as it would mean that two teams I don’t like will have lost. I think that the Broncos have a better chance, but given Peyton Mannings history of choking in the playoffs, and the charmed life of the Steelers in games that aren’t the AFC championship, I wouldn’t be completely shocked if the Steelers pulled one out in Indy.

As for the NFC, I think you are right about both games. I don’t know if Washington has the offense to beat the Seahawks, and I don’t think Chicago has enough to beat Carolina. I think that game will be the best to watch, and since Carolina has both a QB and the league’s best receiver (who still managed a good day last time the Panthers and Bears played even though Delhomme was sacked 8 times.), I also think they’ll beat the Bears.

PS – in ‘other’ football news, Man City trounced Man U 3-1 in their derby this morning. (!) But Tottenham were defeated 1-0 against Liverpool at Anfield.


Pish, this Americanized rugby nonsense. Ianua Ditis neglected the most important score from the Premiership today: Portsmouth 0:1 Everton. Go you Toffees!


How many frickin’ Brits do we have as regular readers?


Portsmouth? There hasn’t been football in Portsmouth since the Spartans left after the 1933 season.

Oh, you mean that game with the feet. Never mind!


Oooh, sorry about the Pats. Sad part is that’s the first time I’ve seen Vinatieri not come through in the post-season.

Also, there’s now a rumor goin’ round that Tom Brady may actually be mortal.

As for Jake Plummer – I think I recognized him from somewhere. Didn’t he tour with Journey in 1975?


I’m not a Brit, but I do enjoy the EPL … and that from the West Coast where the City/United match aired live at 4:30AM.

I think American Baseball would be much more interesting if it followed the Premier League example with the bottom three or four teams shuffled off to triple-A and the best AAA teams brought up to the majors.


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