“Fumento” — a film by Christopher Nolan

Getting fired for taking payola seems to have given Michael Fumento a bit of a handicap in the short-term memory department.

A very angry, confused man with an official pic that badly needs color adjustment in Photoshop

Body Armor Blather
By Michael Fumento

Kudos to Michelle Malkin for handing Hillary Clinton’s head to her over the issue of body armor for our troops. Having spent just a little more time in the stuff than the New York senator and having done so in Iraq on some very hot days, I can say that there are real limits to simply piling armor on even if it does provide more protection. And that’s the inherent problem. Ingenious fixes aside, more armor generally means more weight and less mobility.

Um, Mike, body armor is “good” again as of (what time is it?) about 3:30 this afternoon — please update the lead item on your blog, perhaps as you’re updating your resume.

Also, here’s a better photo for your resume.


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Kudos to James Wolcott for handing Michael Fumento’s ass to him on a plate…

Boo fucking hoo Mikey. Getting caught with your hand in the till is a bitch, ain’t it?

Also, (I’m just trying to plan here) will body armor be bad again tomorrow, say around noon?


Dude! That’s my look!


That pic needs anti-aging, not color adjustment. It’s clearly been in a shoebox for the last 25 years.


That pic needs brightness set to 0%.



If you really want to dig up some embarrassing quotes from Mr. Fumento, you might want to contact someone at the Daily Illini in Urbana, IL where in 1982(3) ? he was a columnist who advocated nuclear war with the Soviet Union even if it meant the total destruction of our country.

To this day, I don’t remember any quote so outrageous as wishing the destruction of this country, if only to show the Nuclear Freeze movement (at the time) that he meant business.

Oh, he’s mellowed nicely.


Prediction: S,N! goes for AIDS denialist trifecta. After these messages, Kary Mullis.


Jesus Fumento, were not talking about adding 4 inches of chobham for christ sakes. Fucking idiot.


That picture looks like it’s not only been in a shoebox for years, but its been folded down the middle, and apperently dipped in Iraqi vote ink a couple of times.


Katrina blew down the screen at the drive-in theatre my cousins frequent near Baton Rouge.

Now that Fumento’s out a paying gig, I am thinking he could rent that forehead to them, ’till they replace it.


It’s a picture taking just after he got into Willy Wonka’s gum.


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