Here they go again

In our 2005 review post, we wrote the following:

  • 6. Dumbest Thing Written by the WSJ Editorial Page
  • [Tied with 7,562 other things.]

    But instead the U.S. Secretary of State has to put up with lectures about the phony issue of “secret” prisons housing terrorists [sic] who killed 3,000 Americans. We put “secret” in quotes because the CIA could hardly carry on operations in Europe without the knowledge of the countries involved.

    New year, same stupid:

    Instead, the “controversial” NSA surveillance has been directed at people with unambiguous al Qaeda connections. Nor was it a secret in the sense of being hidden from other parts of government.

    So there you go. What you have here is a clusterfuck of incoherence. On the one hand, Captain Murder Fantasy argues that the leakers of the NSA surveillance should be executed, while the WSJ finds the real scandal in the FBI building being named after J. Edgar “Rosetta” Hoover (click on the link if you don’t believe us!) Besides, it wasn’t really a secret — after all, some people knew about it!


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    What, have they finally hired Justin Darr? Kee-rist!


    If leaking the program to the press was prosecutacle it would have been done a year ago when they were trying to keep it quiet so it wouldn’t effect the election.


    Would they have attempted to prosecute the NSA whistleblower before the election? Unless they just shipped him to Gitmo, I think that might have drawn attention to the matter–which is not what they wanted, after all.


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