It’s like it’s working, but different

So… the site looks ok, except for all the pictures that are missing and whatnot. Also, when you click on a permalink the page displays fine but in IE you (or at least we) get an error message:

Zeile: 80
Zeichen: 1
Fehler: Object expected
Code: 0

Firefox and Opera are happy though.

We’ll continue tweaking, but we’re going to get back to flaming. Hooray!

Here’s our logo, since it won’t show up otherwise: Logo_SN.gif (Added: Oops, guess not!)


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Sorry, logo doesn’t show up here, either. I’m using IE, BTW.


Long live Firefox!


That’s ok Jim — I’m not sure if it would make it better or worse if it worked for you. 😉


I took a look at it using Firefox’s javascript console, and there quite a few errors that may be the source of your problems. In particular, some display attribute values are invalid. Some of the color assignments are also invalid, though that shouldn’t cause serious problems. You also have a few selector errors.

So, you may want to review your css file and see if that helps.


The last comment was from me. I forgot to fill out the user info.



We don’t know how to do any of those things but they sound quite helpful. We’ll see if wine helps.


Wine always helps. For example, if I drink a lot of wine, I get too drunk to operate a keyboard, therefore, I can’t get on the internets, which means I can’t visit S,N!, which means, as far as I’m concerned, it’s working fine (and probably even better than ever!)

So, Seb, you should get drunk and not even turn your computer on, and then you won’t know if S,N! is messed up!


Although, it could be that you were drinking wine when you moved the site, which broke everything.

3B! is working fine and we’ve got the Panthers’ secret weapon posted over there. Watch out Chicago!


So, Seb, you should get drunk and not even turn your computer on, and then you won’t know if S,N! is messed up!

With enough alcohol even having the computer on will prevent us from not seeing the problem.


I’ve uploaded a fixed css file to my server. You can just copy and paste the contents into MT’s css template. Here’s what this page looks like with the updated css.

You should probably back up that file first.

I provided fixes for the logo problem, some font color declarations, and some display declarations.

The error message you posted refers to a missing javascript function. The most likely cause is a javascript file that didn’t get added to the html source. I don’t really have a way to investigate that further, sorry.



All is well now, in no small part thanks to you. This is the happiest Sadly, No! day ever! (dance)


Glad to be of service, Seb. It hurts me somethin’ fierce to see SN! out of sorts. It was either help you guys out or drown my pain in a case of Lone Star.

OK, I was going to get disgustingly drunk anyway, but you get my drift.


Yea! The archives are finally back! And that means that I was finally able to post to the Really Long Thread… so, “nyaah!”, Pinko Punko! I know where it is, too!


And, of course, by “finally able to post to,” I mean, able to post to again, ‘cos I had posted several times to the Really Long Thread back in the day, but hadn’t bothered visiting it in several months. Ah, yes, that was back when “wha?” and “Ukko” were regulars and Gregor Samsa was going by “Greg H.” Good times.


i too have lost that thread



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