Yaddi Yaddi Yadda

Whoa — we were down for 2 days and this is the best we could do! You’re goddamn right this is it!

Consider the site once again operational to be pretend working — the stylesheet will be fixed tonight (our tonight, not your tonight.)

But please be very, very careful — if any of you break anything, Sadly is going to be very upset!


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You kilt melody 🙁


This is an interesting post:

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Y’know, I wish you guys would quit screwing around with your computers and stuff and get me some sweet, crunchy wingnuttiness. Jeez, without s.z. I’d have to actually go read world net daily or the corner on my own. Yikes…



Standing by, holding kittens and awaiting further orders…


i lost my kittens! now what do i do?


Eagerly awaiting the nutjobs’ wails of outrage that you did this on purpose because they were making good points in the Esmay thread and we *couldn’t handle the truth*.

Meanwhile, Wolcott had not weighed in, but Dave Neiwert has.


Erectile Dysfunction at Sadly, No!
Surely, Not!
Come on guys, Get it up


I find all of these problems with this site annoying.

I’m calling the marshals.


What da honger is going on here?


I hope this isn’t my fault for poking the site with a stick. Ah, well, I’m glad the cyclopean kitten is gone at least, it frightened me.


Fix it, fix it, fix it! Don’t make me read Pastor Swank without the snark! I’m afraid I may weaken and think he’s right!


The murder/death fantasies are getting a little wearying… can I just have a nice steamin’ helping of wacky fundies today, with a side order of self-deluded panty-wetting fear of Islamofascism please?

I’d like to start it off with a little taste of obsessive closet homophobia for an appetizer, thanks.

And a big glass of meat to drink.


Archives are still dead as a doornail. Front page seems more-or-less to be up.


Geez Barbara Bush’s bowels move faster and with more grace than this dump.


anyone who hasn’t done so yet should shoot over to C&L to check out the 1986 appearance of frank zappa on crossfire. it is classic. well worth the long download time.


I miss Melody. She sounded hot.


Sadly No, sadly absent, during the collapse of Canadian liberalism. Alas, who shall commiserate as the industrialized world’s last bastion of freedom enters the prerequisite hiatus for conservatism to blossom and bloat and turn tits up and stink something awful so all the fencesitters can remember why they sometimes vote left of centre? Fencesitters is you I’m talkin’ aboot: whitey tighty, Christian righty, oil not lacking, Conrad Blacking, unrepresentative-party-merging-democracy-hijackers. I wonder if George Bush will hold Stephen Harper’s hand and stroll through the park with him like with that Saudi Prince dude. That would be hot, in a totally heterosexual political way, of course. Hot oil. Totally not gay. I can’t wait.


Hmmm maybe Adam Yoshida has some good insight on how I should handle this unexpected turn of events… At the very least he’ll be able to instruct me on how to terminate my neighbour, whom I suspect to be an Al-Qaeda sympathiser, with a lethal bleach injection.


Who needs bleach? Do it with a paper clip from ACROSS THE ROOM!!!


Thanks to all the commenters….I almost feel as if the SN! snark isn’t missing at all.

Get this thing running again….U CAN DUIT!!!!


All right – until the site comes back up, I’ll entertain everyone with my fresh comedy jamz. Ahem!

What kind of music do mummies like?


Ohh ho ho ho ho!

What do cobras major in at college?


Ba dump bump TISH!

Thank you! Goodnight!




Okay, I’m giving this to you guys first because I love you the most of the whole internets.

Go, now, and type “http://www.hotlesbiansheepaction.com” into your browswer. Don’t ask, just do it.

I don’t think this is old news yet, either – I know this link used to go to the GOP website. But it goes some place much better now. And it’s totally SFW, as long as you haven’t wished anyone a happy holiday lately.


Note to unsuspecting people: Do not redirect to “hotlesbiansheepaction.com” with food in your mouth.

I almost choked to death! (LOL!)


Oh ladies, that was awesome. Drinks on me!


Oh. My. Non-existant. Sky-fairy.



…And his crossword?!?


The stinkin’ archives still aren’t there. @*&%$•ª¢!!!


I think the way the Panthers beat down the Giants on Sunday has scared the S,N! guys away from teh internets.


We have the kittens.

We shall not release pictures of these cute kittens until you get your site totally up and working.

Be ye warned!


Where’s the fucking SNARK, you cobags?


Oh well.

At least the Apple/Intel switchover is going smoothly.


The wind is whistlin’…


Sadly, No new posts. This is either Brad’s sad excuse for a vacation or a small example of the evil right wing conspiacy TM and their willingness to take desparate measures against their enemies. Quick, hide the cats…



“Erectile Dysfunction at Sadly, No!”

I saw another commenter on another blog use the phrase “electile dysfunction” in reference to our poor voting (and counting) systems, and I think it’s a winner! Use the phrase a lot and make it a “meme.”

Electile Dysfunction — it’s the Republican Way.



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