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From Dale at the QandO Blog, who fantasizes about hanging liberals from lampposts, and seeing a major American city (full of liberals) destroyed in nuclear fire:

Parade of Pessimism
Posted by: Dale Franks on Thursday, January 05, 2006

Gloom. That’s all I really have to offer today. I wish it were otherwise, but, there you go. The reason for the gloom is that I am increasingly skeptical, for a variety of reasons, that we will ultimately prevail in the War on Terror, or even in Iraq. Essentially, as it stands now, I am not confident that we, as a people, have the will?although we undeniably have the ability?to engage in a generational, or even moderately long struggle against Islamist extremism. That might change in the future, but, for the present, I don’t see us seriously engaging our enemies in any substantive way for much longer.

When Dale Franks expresses his barely-veiled hope that America will lose the war on terror, his treasonous abandonment of our troops in the field formally exempts him from the protection that American soldiers have earned him and his family, according to the Constitution.

After a fair trial, Franks will of course be executed in a suitable fashion, and we hope that the stench of Franks’s ripe, gibbetted corpse will serve as a reminder to his family and neighbors — for if not, a suitable lesson can be arranged. The best army in the world, after all, will have little trouble firing into a cold ditch, and that is where we expect them to encounter Franks’s loved ones, should the lesson of his death escape them. Five in the noggin to you and yours, Franks, and may your dead body swing slow in the moonlight, pelted with rocks and garbage by patriots.

America purges herself brutally of lice such as Dale Franks.


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Well, at least you gave him the benefit of a trial… he was just endorsing all-out lynch mobs.


We really give them too much slack.


Did you leave a trackback? I did. I wanna see how he tries to justify this sort of thing, if he pulls the O’Reilly bit about how “it’s all just a big joke! Get a sense of humor, guys! I don’t really stroke my penis thinking about hanging you stinky hippies!”


I don’t even know how to leave trackbacks. How do you do that?


Y’see on the bottom of the post where it says “leave trackbacks?”

Paste the following link in there and click “publish” again:



Well, we let him off so comparatively easily that it’s almost not worth, you know, loosing the cats.

When was the last time we loosed the cats? It’s been awhile, hasn’t it?


Have they recovered from the New Year’s Party yet?


I thought you had them this weekend.


My roommate was happy when they dropped radioactive poo all over his carpet. So no, they’re not at my place.

Btw, I think making fun of jingoistic murder fantasies might be your best running gag yet! 🙂


Dale Franks is, obviously, in line for a skullfucking by the islamofacist muslim global murders who he emboldens with his wimpy, communist, america-hating, puppy-running-over, volvo-driving, latte-sipping, ivory-tower-living, Frace-hugging, unclosed HTML-tag encouraging, longhair, patchouli-smelling, classic-rock-appricating, homo-nup approving, troop-depricating, Freedom(TM)-hurting, bird-flu spreading, nay-saying, fifth-columnist rhetoric.

suburban refugee

I thought we were part of the Communist menace that would destroy everything decent and WASP-ish. Now we’re a bunch of limp-wristed intellectuals.

Great. Now what the hell am I going to do with these boots and fatigues?


Are you guys just playing Stalinist propagand mad libs?

I love the word gibbet.

I also love how that guy would only be happy with a GENERATIONAL WAR. Jeesus the fudge muffin? You can’t have a war on a religion, do they want a 30 years war? A 100 year war? Exactly how do they propose to win such a thing? Why aren’t they advocating a draft? Clearly we need a draft for such schemes.


I love the word gibbet.

Me too. But you can imagine how mortified I was on Thanksgiving when it turned out I’d misread “gibbet” for “giblets” in the gravy recipe.


See, now you’re just gonna bring the Wrath of Fafblog down upon us.
Somebody better find the kitties. They may be needed.


Yeah when Giblets find out he’s in the turkey sauce…


Admiral Santa: you forget “cheese-eating” and “surrender monkey”…

PP: I think if I remember my history correctly, the roots of this particular conflict goes back to the Crusades. So, what’s that, 800 years?

Brad/Gavin: The Kittens! Where Oh Where are the Kittens of Doom? Save Us!


P.S. – That sir, is an insult to lice!


Sorry – last post, I promise…

It looks to me like Dale and Dean are ripe for a Wank Off!


I Think We’ve Upset Dale

Uh-oh: I wasn’t posting murder fantasies about my enemies. I was making a deal. We let your politicans run the government, and pretend there is no struggle against Islamic fundamentalists. If they’re wrong, and an American city gets nuked due…


Me too. But you can imagine how mortified I was on Thanksgiving when it turned out I’d misread “gibbet” for “giblets” in the gravy recipe.
Haha, boy I bet your face was red!
As a sidenote, I wish Dale would quit with his pathetic little pity party. The Bushistas control all three branches of govt and have for years now, if everything in their foreign policy is fucked up, I hardly think he can get away with blaming liberals for it.


Bird doo on you all.


If Dale is so concerned about the waning will of Americans fighting the good fight, he can surely grab the brass ring himself, right? Or does he too lack “the will”?

Talk is cheap. & the warmongers on the right are on the clearance table.


zhak- like I said, Dale was actually in the army, so it’s not fair to play the chickenhawk card. But again, it doesn’t excuse the scary-ass violent fantasies.


What’s Flocco so upset about? I thought he dug the out-there fringe stuff.


Who the hell is Tom Flocco?


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