Still, Atlas Wanks

This is one of those cases where the fish leaps right out of the barrel and onto my plate. Observe Atlas writing about Bush’s photo-op with former State and Defense Secretaries. She seems to be offended that Bush might take advice from former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright:

I got the whole reaching out thing, the whole reaching across the aisle thing but I mean really.

She then posts the following picture:


I know, it’s horrifying- a former U.S. Secretary of State schmoozing with a nasty, brutal dictator. What kind of depraved, disgusting administration would allow th…

Oh. But, I mean, Clinton was…

Hmmmmm… well… uuhhhhh…


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There’s a difference between working to build diplomatic accord in a region, and just giving a wink and a nudge to a killer.

What Madeleine Albright was doing, in concert with her counterparts from all over the world, was for all of us, for America, China, Japan, and S. Korea, for now and for the future. I think she had a smart and pragmatic vision that was nevertheless rooted laudably in the right kind of idealism.

Rumsfeld was saying “just keep playing the game, little buddy — The Gipper’s counting on you.”

LA Confidential Pantload

Probably just confused “reach out” with “reacharound.” I hate when that happens.


The rumsfeld-Saddam connection is far more damning in my mind.
I don’t remember Madeline Albright selling Kim Jong Il too many chemical weapons.


from the three pictures, Bush has the best hair.


Don’t forget The Chimp’s recent sit-down with the Uzbeki people boiler.


Albright’s real crime is that with a dye and nose job she’d be a passable double for Mr. Kim.

Whenever I see abdullah, I wonder how a devout Muslim got such a massive beer gut.


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