Don’t Mess With Texas… They Might Eat You

From the Department of “Brad R. is a Smarmy Asshole”:

Check out this list of the Top 25 Fattest American Cities. Note that five of the top 15 are located in Texas. Whatever y’all are serving for food down there, I wouldn’t feed it to your Longhorns if you want them to repeat as national champions.

On a related note, has anyone here ever tried Cheeseburger Fries?


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baltimore’s mayor:

“You see some neighborhoods starting to grow again, and attracting younger people. With those younger people coming, there’s a number of gyms now,” O’Malley said. “In every growing neighborhood, you look for two leading signs: one is a gym and the other is a Starbucks.”

yeah, when i think of economic progress i automatically think of $3 lattes and treadmills.


Someone is smoking Ye Olde Cracke Rocke… from the cheeseburger fries article: “the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association hopes the new snacks can revive the sagging popularity of beef in the American diet.” From the ideo sidebar: “Demand for red meat is at a record at a time when supply is at the lowest levels in three decades, and that’s pushing beef prices to historic highs.”


Proud to be a Texan! And it shows.

My question, to any of the women out there…how the hell do you gain weight during a friggin hurricane? Could it be, per chance, that without water and power for 2 weeks, all we had to eat were Little Debbie’s? (Snack cakes, fellas….Little Debbie snack cakes!)


How is Milwaukee not in the top 25 fattest?

More importantly, how is Milwaukee number 5 on the fittest?

Something’s wrong here. Did they use Diebold machines?



1. Chicago (5)

2. Las Vegas (9)

3. Los Angeles (21 fittest)

LA went from 21st fittest to 3rd fattest in one year? I think we know what happened to the Trojans now.


Yeah, this study doesn’t seem all that plausible. I mean, I can’t believe there weren’t MORE Texas cities in the Top 20.


Crab cakes are no match for quality Tex-Mex cuisine on the Fatness Scale. Tex-Mex exists solely to get as much cheese into the human body as possible.

Don’t take this demotion lying down. Remember, we can’t do much about the whole 40-somethingth in education thing, but “First in Fatness” is *totally* within our chubby little grasp.

To arms! To Chuy’s!


LA went from 21st fittest to 3rd fattest in one year?

That’s the danger of using averages rather than medians. It’s possible that there’s one really huge fat person there who’s skewing the stat.


I like the idea of fried meat sticks, but can I get that in turkey instead of beef?


It’s possible that there’s one really huge fat person there who’s skewing the stat.

Well, Lindsey Lohan has been working on bulking up lately.


California also has 5 cities in the fattest list.

Also, note that Austin is in the fittest list, so as long as the Longhorns don’t go out to eat outside of Austin, then they should be okay.


It’s obvious – Fatty McFatterson moved from Baltimore to Los Angeles.


What? Bremerton didn’t make the fatty list? The first word that came to my mind was Bremelo.


Being a non-fit Baltimorean, I am having trouble with this article on many levels. When I read the words, “Baltimore is a paragon of urban renewal” I almost had to take off my bulletproof vest to laugh.

Note to Men’s Fitness editors: when you’re done with the bong, pass it this way.


I notice that my home-area has obtained the “coveted” #1 fattie award, and the first one who uses the term “corn-fed” is gonna get their ‘nads kicked in. Um, other than me, natch. And the Austin being fit amounts to a large population of college kids and kweers. ‘Nuff said.

The Dark Avenger

I dunno, my Texas-born(and California-bred) father, Professor Avenger, refers to pork as ‘pig meat’ so as to keep his appetite for ‘the other white meat’ in check. I wouldn’t be suprised if that weren’t true, as his grandmother and folks back there do love the ham, sausage, bacon, etc.

Glad to see Fresno made the top 25 this year. Not really surprising, as outdoor exercise in the San Joaquin Valley pretty much stops after 9:00 AM and only resumes after dark during the summer, unless you’re training for manuevers in the Sahara Desert.

Someone told me about a new “homestyle” resteraunt that opened up in a nearby town.
I think the name says it all:

“Boss Hog”


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