Yosef 2006 Yo!-’06: The Campaign Begins

Pinko Punko has made some posters for Yosef’s 2006 Senate campaign. Watch your ass, Tabor!!!!11!


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The Internet Mob demands it- Run, Yosef, RUN!


We will not stoop to Tammany Hall levels of corruption.

We will reach up out of the muck for them!

I wonder if Three Bulls! INC. has enough room for another blog…..


Sorry to be off topic, but I was revisiting the Guckert post below and went to the main page. At least tonight, if you scroll down the ads, there is an ad for Kanye West T-shirts. I think Jeffy got punk’d. He’s away visiting “family and friends” (Karl, Honey) but you’d think he’d check in once in awhile…


Just an FYI, my first campaign speeches are in the below.


Yosef, I HAD planned on voting for you until I did some research on your opponent and saw that he is not only a millionaire, but has a brother who does archery for Jesus (I posted about Nathan today, in case you’re interested in learning more about the competition.

I think we need a debate between you two candidates to help the voters make informed choices. Brad and I can moderate, if you want.


I’m up for it! Tabor Delendum Est!


Tabor Delendum Est! Is there any way that this could kinda sorta be twisted euphemistically to mean “Tabor Must Go Down”? Isn’t ignorance of Latin becoming mandatory in this country? Like the metric system? When was the last time you measured anything other than drugs using grams? Can someone give my chain a good yank before I tumble from a precipitous digression? There’s a good chap.


When was the last time you measured anything other than drugs using grams?

October 29, 2005.

But will my opponent answer this question? Mr. Tabor, the clock is ticking.


When was the last time you measured anything other than drugs using grams?

TMI, I know, but that’s how they measure breast tissue for reduction surgery.

Grams are good because one has to work to make the conversion into something readily understandable.
Which allows one’s natural apathy to keep one’s head from simply exploding over what the surgeon has just said she thinks is necessary.


Jeebus, r/e the breast-reduction, in grams it must sound like they’re planning to cart away truckloads of extraneous mammary! Yipes! ‘Course, that’s only because we’re not used to all that base-10 crap.


I gotta say, it kinda sounded like truckloads after I did the math, too.

I lost ten pounds in three hours. Beat that, SlimFast!


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