Satire once again falls dead with an arrow through her head.

From The Corner:

WOW! [JPod]
Go, K-Lo, with the photoblogging! Now let’s get some Star Trek pictures up in da house!
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It is a privilege to present the following excerpt from Very, Very Happy‘s classic post, The Corner Unleashed:

Goldberg: Who do you think? I kicked it down the chain to Robinson. I’m a busy man. I got things to do. Know’um’sayin’?

Dreher: Word up!


Goldberg: Um…’Word up’ does mean ‘I agree’, right?

Dreher: Yeah, I think so. Doesn’t it?

Goldberg: I could have sworn that it did.

Dreher: Shit. Maybe we should ask someone? I mean, messing up something that basic would conflict with our trendy image as the cool young kids of conservatism, wouldn’t it?

Goldberg: Yeah, seriously. Shit, you got the clicker? Flip over to BET. They talk like that all the time there! I bet we can decipher the meaning from context clues.

Dreher: Good idea!

[silence, TV noises]

Goldberg: Shizzle my what?

Dreher: Dude, black people confuse the shit out of me.

Goldberg: This isn’t even English!

Dreher: Screw this. I can’t even spell half these peoples’ names.

Goldberg: Seriously. Find some news, would you?

Dreher: On it.


Dreher: Look, see? There’s a black person I can understand. Thank God for Lester Holt.

Goldberg: Lester Holt speaks so well, doesn’t he? Damn, I wish he was on Fox.

Dreher: Yeah…we need more blacks on Fox. We can’t leave it all up to…up to…say, what’s the name of that black anchor on Fox?

Goldberg: Oh, you mean the black guy?

Dreher: Yeah! Him!

Goldberg: Um…dammit, it’s right on the tip of my tongue.

Dreher: Something with an ‘S’…

Goldberg: Sam…Steve…Sm- Smith! That’s it – oh, dammit, I was thinking of Shepard Smith.

Dreher: Fuck! That’s who I was thinking of too. Why do you suppose that is?

Goldberg: Well, he is pretty tan – even in winter! Do you suppose he’s half black?

Dreher: No, I think he hits the tanning beds too much.

Goldberg: Hmm…maybe. I’ll write a Corner post later, see if anyone knows if Shepard is part black. I’ll say it’s for an article or something.

Dreher: Good idea. Hey! There’s Willie the Intern! Hey, Willie the Intern, come here!

Willie: Whatup, guys.

Goldberg: ‘Whatup’! Perfect! So, Willie the Intern, here’s your first journalistic task of the day…

Willie: Okay, seriously Goldberg –

Goldberg: Mr. Goldberg.

Willie: [pause] Mr. Goldberg. My name is Willie. Just Willie.

Goldberg: Whatever, Willie the Intern. Anyway, check this out. If someone said ‘word up’ to you, what would you think it meant?

Willie: ‘Word up’? No one says that anymore, except maybe middle-age white guys trying to be cool.


Willie: What? What’d I say?

Dreher: Go take these donuts to my office.


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Those denizens of the corner are just so _Cute_! Sometimes I just want to hug them and tell them how brave they are and how it’ll all be okay.


How do you say “dumpy conservatarian chick” in Klingon?


DFL, teh, Dumpy, Frumpy and Lumpy.


Me wanna humpy!


Some days, making fun of the Korner Kids is just redundant.

I guess now JPod will regale us with some Riker/Worf slashfic.


Aw come on…Pantloads ‘o Fun is {{ahem}} up in da hizz-ouse wit dat damn Power Line cliq:

I…HAVE…ARRIVED [Jonah Goldberg]
Minnesota in January! Gotta love it!
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Plan your Mall of America visits accordingly.



What ever happened to Very Very Happy? The last post is election day 2004.


Can anyone tell me why it is that NRO’s posting/comments area looks sooo…….crap?

I mean with all that braintrust you’d think they could come up with a better layout.


Dude, black people confuse the shit out of me.

It’s funny ’cause it’s true.


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