That poor angry Ben (And a bonus Nit Picklering!)

Professional Virgin Ben Shapiro (?, TBOGG Industries) wants you to know that blacks hate Howard Dean. Even Dean’s former college roommate does:

For Howard Dean, blacks and browns are interesting to watch as a social experiment. Literally. In college, he specifically requested a black roommate, wanting to learn what black people were. His roommate, Don Roman, didn’t know about the request. If he had, he says, it “would have been the kiss of death.” As Roman put it, he didn’t want to be “some white liberal’s” social experiment.

What is Don Roman doing now?

He was placed in a four-person suite, with two of his roommates being African-American, one of them Ralph Dawson of Charleston, S.C., now a New York labor lawyer who, like Roman, has become active in the Dean campaign. [Emphasis added]

Don Roman featured in a Howard Dean campaign video.

Ben also combines the ability to read Howard Dean’s mind and get his facts wrong:

[Dean] didn’t want any black people on his Vermont gubernatorial staff

Sharpton said that Dean had appointed no blacks to his cabinet (true,) not on his staff (false.) Even Nedra Pickler had to concede the fact:

Dean pointed out during the debate that he had hired as a senior staff member a black woman.

This is Nedra Pickler however, so she had to add this:

He did not mention that Bonnie Aten-Johnson worked part time while keeping a job with the Burlington, Vt., schools.

Ben and Nedra, we believe, get paid for this.

Addendum: Matthew Yglesias with the definitive account of Nit Picklering.


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But Dean likes the movie Bulworth and the hip-hop song “Jaspora”, and that proves that he’s a secret bigot, right? Just like how Ben’s liking gladiator movies proves he hates the thought of sex with another man.


If there are no Black people on his cabinet, that means he’s a racist.

Also, if there’s no woman in your bed, that means you’re gay.


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