I (Sorta) Take Up Atrios’ Challenge

The good Dr. Black writes:

Pajamas media has been so boring that sadly the volume of quality blogging making fun of them has been considerably reduced.

I was going to take up the challenge and make fun of PJ’s Media myself, but after perusing the front page, I realized that Atrios was right- it really is a very, very boring website. So to get my chuckles, I decided to visit PJ’s Media superstar Atlas Wanks instead. Here is what I found:

This from the left leaning, America hating, Guardian, yup the Guardian

Secret services say Iran is trying to assemble a nuclear missile

Document seen by Guardian details web of front companies and middlemen

The Iranian government has been successfully scouring Europe for the sophisticated equipment needed to develop a nuclear bomb, according to the latest western intelligence assessment of the country’s weapons programmes.

Scientists in Tehran are also shopping for parts for a ballistic missile capable of reaching Europe, with “import requests and acquisitions … registered almost daily”, the report seen by the Guardian concludes.

There are many reactions one could have to this story. My personal reaction is, “Why the hell did we invade Iraq in the name of taking out a non-existent nuclear weapons program, all the while letting Iran and North Korea develop nukes of their own?” Let’s see if Atlas has similar concerns:

This the is the most significant issue of the day. We have got to get a grip on or priorities and stop wringing our hands over the New York Times shriek fest over “domestic spying” on intercontinental calls between Al qaida and Osama.

Because letting the President spy on American citizens without a warrant is the best way to stop Iran from developing nuclear weapons. You’re so right, Atlas.

Think about it. I think we really ought to send these leftards over to shari’a land (especially Dowd) and let them live in Dar al-Islam and see how really bad they have it here.



Because if anything’s gonna stop Iran from making nukes, it’s renewing the Patriot Act. Why this girl doesn’t have a high-paying job at the Pentagon is beyond me.

Understand your enemy. Jihad is central to Islamic history and civilization. This jihad focuses deceptively on Israel to conceal its true global ambition of world domination.

From Bat Yeor:

Obviously the new European civilization is subservient to the ideology of jihad and the Islamic powers that propagate it.

The jihad conception classifies infidels under three categories: 1) those who oppose the Islamic call with arms; 2) those who belong to the countries of truce; 3) those who have surrendered to Islamic domination, exchanging their land for peace; they become “dhimmis,” “protected” from the ongoing jihad war against non-Muslims by a treaty of subjection and protection (dhimma).

Clearly, I (and my readers) are category one…

I’m not sure how wolfing down Twinkees and Ho-Ho’s qualifies as taking up armed opposition, but whatever.

…the leftards are category three.

It’s all true! I sold my apartment to Islamic radicals to stop them from beheading my poor goldfish, Binky! I’m so sorry, Uncle Sam… I’ve failed you… *sniff*

*I’d just like to point out that I didn’t add that mushroom cloud to the post- Atlas has it in the original text.


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Al Qaeda attacks NYC, so we gotta invade Iraq. The Taliban institute an Islamic theocracy, so we gotta hold Iraqis in Guantanamo Bay. Iran has a missile, so we gotta spy on my Bangladeshi dorm-mate.

You ever get the feeling that our foreign policy is being decided by some unnamed staffer who thinks “You Arab people all look the same to me”?


was wondering when you guys would get around to picking on this low hanging fruit. at least some of the other kooks have the sense to run their rants through spell-checker. from one of her recent entries:

In exchange for news they make up.m Where do you find the most polivic Fiction writes? Newsrooms of course;


Dude! You totally forgot to mention that Michael Moore is fat!


How the hell am I supposed to believe any “western intelligence assessment”? Is this the same “intelligence” that said Saddam had WMD(s) so that we had to go stop him? I don’t think I believe anything that spews forth from our utterly corrupt and totally incompetent government anymore. The true threat to world peace is in the White House. I don’t speak Iranian so they (TPTB) can translate however they want and I wouldn’t know the difference.


was wondering when you guys would get around to picking on this low hanging fruit.

Low-hanging? Dude, she’s practically underground!


“Obviously the new European civilization is subservient to the ideology of jihad and the Islamic powers that propagate it.”

Obviously. It’s as plain as the nose on your face.


It’s just more warmed over fear. Digby’s doing some good stuff on that right now.

It strikes me that these people who call me and all others concerned with liberty cowards and traitors, really, there’s nothing more cowardly than betraying your principals and defending racism and torture because “It’s personal this time” or some such nonsense.

I can’t even count the number of smarmy assholes that mention that they were a democrat or a libertarian before the fucking earth opened up on 9/11 and sucked those principles out of their heads.

That’s it, I’m calling them out, now that I know they’re afraid on the inside, I’m in training. A Canadian might not be able to vote, but he sure can kick some red neck ass. I got your constitutional amendment right here asshole!


All right! Give ’em H E double hockey sticks Timmah420.


I disagree, Timmah. It takes real bravery to smoosh your breasts up against Glenn Reynolds.


I love her. Really, you must spend more time making fun of her.

Her website is great, with all of her italicizied comments, her BOLD allcaps headlines, her colered fonts…

Aw shit, I don’t know how to do colored fonts in html.

aack! I suck.


At least it was just the goldfish!


Yeah, okay, I suppose we’d know if Iran was close to building a bomb, huh?


Let’s hear it for non-subtle racism (emphasis Bizarro SuperGirl’s…er, Pamela “Atlas”):

Is there a way to awaken the Muslims to contribute to civilization in a positive way? Awaken the muslims to hate Jews and the West? Why? How about we awaken the Muslims to the sciences, mathematics, medicine, poetry, otherwise maybe lethargy is preferable.

Yeah, it’s not like those heathen A-Rab coloreds and their ancestors never did anything with science, mathematics, medicine, poetry, or anything else regarding education.

They’re all stupid cavemen with no history that need to be Christianized!

Goddammit, this type of assbaggery is painful. Stop hurting America, Bizarro SuperGirl!


Because if anything’s gonna stop Iran from making nukes, it’s renewing the Patriot Act.

Silly you. It’s not the Patriot Act that’s relevant here. It’s the warrantless spying. And of course it won’t stop Iran from making nukes. But when Iranians call Americans to brag about it, those Americans will get in a LOT OF TROUBLE!!!


did plastic tits actually write intercontinental phone calls between osama and al quada?


Personally I was a republican until 9/11. When I saw how bad the pubs suck at national security and how chicken shit george bush ran away like a little girl, i switched parties. I don’t want to be tainted with their cowardice and hypocrisy.


“We have to renew the PATRIOT Act to stop Iran building nukes”?

I may have to revise my characterization of Repugs to “bedwetting whiny-ass tittie-baby underpants gnomes”.

I’m still waiting for even ONE terrorist who’s been caught & convicted courtesy PATRIOT. Lots of accusations – not one conviction.


Yes, but nowadays, anyone accused of anything (by a Republican, of course) IS guilty, no matter what! Right? RIGHT?!?


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