Like stealing cheetos from a 101st Keyboard Commander

Over at NRO, Bill Roggio takes aim at the Washington Post:

Why doesn?t the Washington Post correct some simple facts?

This is gonna be good!

Guilt by association. It is a common tool used to discredit those deemed a threat to the established order. Recently, I’ve found myself on the receiving end of such a tactic courtesy of a piece by Jonathan Finer and Douglas Struck in the Washington Post.

What did the Post do?

The authors report that I was credentialed by the American Enterprise Institute, when in fact this is impossible, as a think tank cannot provide media credentials ? this must be done by a recognized news organization. I was credentialed by The Weekly Standard and the Canadian talk-radio show The World Tonight.

What did the Post write?

After military officials in Baghdad said Roggio could not be issued media credentials unless he was affiliated with an organization, the American Enterprise Institute, a conservative-leaning research organization in Washington, offered him an affiliation, according to an entry on Roggio’s blog.

According to an entry on his blog. This one, perhaps?

I have received media credentials, thanks to Dr. Michael Ledeen and the American Enterprise Institute.

Yeah, it would be hard to conclude from that, that he received credentials from AEI. Bad Post, bad! We especially enjoyed how, in his NRO article, Roggio avoided any mention of why the Post would have concluded something so outrageous about his credentials. (For extra fun, you can contrast the credentials story Roggio posted here.) Anything else?

The piece claims that I had retired from the military, when in fact it requires 20 years of service to retire. […] And finally, contrary to the report, I was not in Iraq when the article was published. I had been home for nearly a week.

That’s a proof of bias? Sounds like someone could get a job at the Youppi Media Research Center.


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Send Commander Roggio a copy of your post for a reaction. I want to be entertained.


Seb- I second Bored’s sentiment.


To be fair to Roggio, you’d expect a major newspaper to know the rules for media credentials. It’s still funny though.


Shorter Roggio:
“Yeah, I blogged this, but it’s wrong! What? Shut up! B-b-but…STOP IT!”

Besides, Talon News wasn’t available?


Oooh, nasty! Bringing up Talon News is such a mean thing to do.

I’d call it “a blow below the belt”, but probably better if I don’t.




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