I’m Kinda Worried About Some of Our Nutter Friends

I know it’s not kosher to praise people who blog for “the other side,” but Gregory Djerejian is very interesting and always worth reading. Here he is writing on the Abramoff scandal:

It’s clean up (Abramoff, Frist, DeLay etc) and competence (Miers, Brownie, Rumsfeld) time people. Who can step up to bat and pull us out of this bog of shit, to put it bluntly? McCain and Rudy? McCain and Graham? […] God knows, no one in the White House has the conviction, apparently, to do so. After all, isn’t Bush still on the record cheerleading a DeLay return to his leadership slot? How sad, and low. But, hey, the money Abramoff contributed to POTUS is going to charity now. So what’s all the fuss?

I hate to tell you this, Greg, but the only thing that’s saving the Republican Party from total collapse is the fact that the Democrats are so lame. If the Dems can shape up and start effectively campaigning with a unified message, the GOP is toast in November. (Note to Democrats: please, please, please, please, please get your shit together. I cannot bear the thought of watching these corrupt boobs run all three branches of government any longer.)

At any rate, this got me thinking: what’s going to happen to some of our craziest wingnut pals- Marie, Jeff Gannon, Pastor Swank, Kaye Grogan- as they watch their GOP heroes get tossed in the slammer? And let’s keep in mind, these people aren’t phonies like Hannity and Rush and Hindrocket who understand their roles as shameless partisan liars. No, folks like Marie are the true believers who think that Kool-Aid is served best when drunk from a big, stinky crock of shit. Will the Abramhoff scandal splash ice water on their faces and force them to face reality? Or will they continue to burrow further and further down the rabbit hole? Stay tuned.

UPDATE: While still certifiable, Joseph Farah shows he’s not completely out to lunch:

A major scandal that touches the president and many members of Congress ? including the Republican leadership ? is unfolding in Washington. Though lobbyist Jack Abramoff bought favors from both Democrats and Republicans, it is clear that, when the smoke clears, the party in power will pay a much higher political price. […]

These factors, and others, lead me to believe Republicans will be punished badly in this year’s mid-term elections ? worse than anyone now imagines.

OK, Democrats, if you can’t take back the House this year then you are the most worthless party ever, and I’m gonna start voting for Ralph Nader, no matter how many times it puts a Republican in office. You got that, losers?


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First of all he needs to forget about McCain. There’s no way that Cobag will ever win a presidency.

2nd, the true believers will never get cold water splashed in their face. They’ll always be around lying in wait for their next chance. We just have to hope that their next chance isn’t the next election.


Oh yeah, they’ll be burrowing further down the rabbit hole…I have no doubt about that.

They wouldn’t know reality if it walked up and bit them on the ass.


It’s clean up (Abramoff, Frist, DeLay etc) and competence (Miers, Brownie, Rumsfeld) time people. Who can step up to bat and pull us out of this bog of shit…

This is one of those FedEx commercials right? I half-expect Jose Conseco to come running out and say “Hey, cool it with the baseball metaphors. Just use FedEx Ground for all your shipping needs,” and then run away through a side door.


“…the only thing that’s saving the Republican Party from total collapse is the fact that the Democrats are so lame.”

I would add to this only the apathy of Americans and the kindness shown by a compromised press uninterested in doing real journalism.

Oh, and I too vote for further down the rabbit hole, and would add that we could expect these people to become even more dangerous. Anyone who felt enfranchised, if only as much as their persecution complexes allowed, will be so put out by impeachment and incarceration of their heroes that we can expect not a few instances of partisan violence and domestic terrorism.

Am I going out on a limb here? Is this irresponsible speculation? Oooh, call a blogger ethics panel.


When you’ve lost Joseph Farah…


I’m not sure if Assmissile is as savvy as you think. He knows that the people that he’s shilling for are a corrupt, lying bunch of douches, but I think he believes what he’s saying. In other words, he’s using the GOP because he believes that they share his agenda, but he doesn’t necessarily like them–not that he would admit that pubicly.

On the other hand, Rush and Hannity are using the GOP to further their own agendas, which have nothing to do with the GOP’s public agenda, and also they would turn on their allies faster than a shortchanged pimp on a rotisserie.


Well Farah’s no Stossel…

If they lose Stossel they really better start worrying, then they’ve lost the last 30%.

I really hope dems sweep up everything in 2006, It doesen’t really matter to me politically, but I really wanna see all the heads exploding when they realize that “moonbats” run the country now.


Just wait until the Greens get into power, and watch as they turn into the reincarnation of the Democrats you despise. They’ve been through these cycles before in Europe. For Jeebus sake, look at the fucking “Labour” party in the UK!


Stossel’s not a republican! He’s a libertarian!

Oh, sorry. I think I sprained something there with the laughter.

In fact, though, he really does think he is. I think it makes him just that much more annoying than your standard Bushbot.
I’m waiting to see him wade in on the domestic spying thing, but my best guess is he’ll come down on the side of “It’s big government controlling our lives which wouldn’t be nearly so bad except they’re spending my tax money on it! Give me a break!”


The one thing that I’m most concerned about r/e the ’06 elections is the “Diebold factor.” Unless unverifiable touch-screen voting machines are largely done away with, and systems with a hand-countable paper-trail insisted upon, we’ll never again have any idea whether a vote was stolen or not. The discrepancies in last year’s Ohio referendums make that amply clear.


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