I didn’t think anything could top last night’s Orange Bowl. I was wrong. Congratulations, Longhorns 🙂


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Yes!!! It was sweet, sweet revenge to see USC bite the dust.

Irony: On Texas’ winning drive, 7 seconds were added to the clock [0:57 to 1:04] after a review; on USC’s winning drive against Notre Dame, 7 seconds were added [0:00 to 0:07] after a miscommunication between the refs and the clock. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

Go Horns!


Over-all, one heckuva game. But—between the no calls and the bad calls–Iduhknow- from what I saw, the Texans got a touch-down they didn’t deserve and won the game. It sure looked like that players knee was down before the shovel-pass that led to a TD. Could just be these old eyes.


The play where Young pitched the ball away for a touchdown was probably a bad call, but Texas probably would have scored that drive anyway. Their offense owned SC that drive. There were some bad calls on both sides.

Overall, Texas flat out beat USC. They beat them the first half, and they beat them the second half. Vince Young played a spectactular game and deserves the win.


Jefe- plus Pete Carroll helped them out. He made a number of crappy calls.


Good game, especially that heisman winner LaDale White.

What, he wasn’t the best rb at USC?

BTW, who else is interested in seeing a matchup between Southern Cal and South Carolina – USC vs USC – Trojans vs ‘Cocks?


Now USC knows what it’s like to play in a *real* conference. 🙂


Now USC knows what it’s like to play in a *real* conference.

Nah, they still haven’t played in the Southern Conference.


I gotta say, I think going for it on 4th and 2 from the 40 with not much more than a minute left was a bonehead call by Pete Carroll. Yes, if you make it, you seal the deal; but if you miss it (as the Trojans did), you give the Longhorns a short field and plenty of time to get down it. I would have punted. Even with a touchback, that’s 20 more yards for Texas to make up.


For me, the turning point was Reggie Bush thinking he played for Nebraska, with that lateral that Texas recovered. USC owned Texas at the time, they probably would have scored to make it 14-0. Instead Texas gets a field goal and the momentum totally shifted.

And on that 4th & 2, why was Bush not even in the game?

Carroll choked this one away.


I was all set to mock my partner today — he’s double SC — but he was so despondent that I didn’t have the heart.

But every time someone beats USC, it feels like a victory against the Yankees or the Really Rottens or Darth Vader or something.


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