What, Is Eight Inches Cut Not Big Enough?

Let’s look at who’s been leaving trackbacks on Jeff Gannon’s blog:

enlarge it from male enhancement
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Am I surprised? Sadly, nuh-uh.


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Gee, thanks for the link. I think.

You could really look at the entire Bush administration as an, erm, exercise in male enhancement, couldn’t you?

Of course, we liberals laugh at this. As a line from a memorable National Lampoon once had it: “They’re nice boys, but they’re still thinking in terms of inches.”


I’m unimpressed.


Yah, I’m unimpressed too. Totally. Eight inches? Psh. Mine’s like, a thousand. Feet. My penis is Sol and every morning you gaze upon its majesty.

-The Rev. Schmitt.


Seriously, they shoulda gone whole-hog, and gotten JeffyLube to give it a “celebrity” endorsement. You know, “Hi, I’m Jeff ‘8 inches +’ Gannon. Or I used to be. But after using this fine product, I am now Jeff ‘9 inches +’ Gannon….”


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