Oh give us a fucking break already!

Andrew Sullivan concludes his SOTU commentary with this bit of nonsense:

If you’re a fiscal conservative or a social liberal, this was a speech that succeeded in making you take a second look at the Democrats. I sure am.

Does the man not realize we all laugh hysterically when he writes such crap? Wesley Clark is out because he’s a Rhodes scholar (and you know how those people are!) and because Michael Moore endorsed him. Howard Dean? Do we need to say anything? As for the rest, here is Andy back in May 2003:

And so far, alas, the Democratic field looks particularly forlorn. Between Massachusetts Senator John Kerry’s pious hauteur, Vermont governor Howard Dean’s mean streak, Senator John Edwards’ boyish callowness and former Gore side-kick Joe Lieberman’s lugubrious tedium, it’s not looking like a great future for the Dems.

Yet now he acts as though he might vote for one of these guys? At this rate Sully will be writing he’d consider marrying a woman if Bush pushes for a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage. He may be able to fool even himself, but he’s quite mistaken if he thinks anyone else is going to be taken in.


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However, when was the last time you heard ANY Republican say he would even consider looking at the Democrats for his vote.

Maybe Bush’s Teflon coat is wearing thin!!

I’ve been wondering for some time what Bush would have to do to lose “the faithful”. Maybe a $500B deficit, Medicare expansion, amnesty for illegals, no WMDs, etc. is finally sinking in.

And if the dam breaks, just imagine if “the faithful” learn that Bush really is a deserter, and his brother is taking $2M from a Chinese company.

He’s toast – as he should be.


Do people actually pay attention to Andrew Sullivan? What red blooded American gives a rat’s ass what some English Faggot thinks?


So you think those hours I spent penning personally handwritten notes to Andrew inviting him to vote for Dean were for naught? Drat.



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