We Can’t Imagine Why

From John Podhoretz, at The Corner:

Some of you may remember I had a baby who wouldn’t sleep. Now I have a toddler who won’t sleep. Think I’m gonna be winning this prize on an almost daily basis. You can shoot me now.*
Posted at 12:50 AM

Sweet dreams are made of this.

[Hanx to TBogg for the Whale-Pod pic]

*See here.


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Ew. Does that arm/back/chest hair flow into a large cape-like mane?

Rest of the series, please.

-The Rev. Schmitt.


OH no. Not this time. Wait ’til you get home.


EWWWWW! Shave, man….shave.


Give that MAN A TEE! Ha!


*snickering*, but shouldn’t it be “Get that MAN A TEE!”?


OT – but there’s some awesome comments over at lgf. The post is entitled ‘america is not a land from outer space’. The comments are going off about native americans, along the lines of ‘we’ll crush the middle east insurgents just like we crush the midwest insurgents’. Classy


And here I was thinking “Who the hell wears a sweater to go swimming?”


Good catch, D. That was on my first cup of coffee…


Whenever I see that photo, my mind immediately pictures the Pod as the baby on the cover of Nirvana’s Nevermind.

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.


Well… good for him that he’s enjoying family life… though he is extraordinarily hairy.
I look at him and try to tell myself that that won’t be me in twenty-five years (with more head and facial hair). It’s already my dad and uncles, after all. :shudder:


Y’know, if I saw *that* every day, I think I’d have have nightmares and troubles sleeping at night too…

– Badtux the Snarky Penguin


Perhaps, GG, but you’ll still have wit, intelligence, and personality.

Wow. Now I feel *really* sorry for JPod.


Yes! Sweet consolation, thy name is D. Sidhe!


That’s a daughter, right? I certainly hope so, for everybody’s sake. ‘Cos, just imagine if it’s a little boy, and JPod takes the SpongeDob Stickypants advice on raising little breeders… and showers with him to show off his, um, manly attributes…
JPod: See, son, my pee-pee is bigger than yours. And, um, hairier.
JPod, jr: Um, no, papa. Yours is just a nub by comparison to mine. But, it is >i?really hairy. What happened–did the dog bite most of it off? Or was it mommy?


What’s all this talk about manatees?


“Can’t sleep, clown’ll eat me. Can’t sleep, clown’ll eat me.”


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