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Just Do Life
blogging isn?t a priority right now. I barely have time to be online lately, nevermind blog. It?s not a bad thing either. Being away from the computer can be refreshing and can bring one closer to their friends and family. They are who count- the people who make your life interesting and worthwhile.

Like me and Brad and Seb and tehl4m3 and Auguste and Pinko and D. Sidhe and… What about us? We make life interesting and worthwhile!

I?ll blog when I have time. I?m moving to new place, working different hours. I have some plans for some travel in the next couple months. And of course the fun things- concerts, parties, trips to the beach (yes, in the middle of the winter); snowmobiling, four wheelin, roller blading (yes, in the middle of the winter)?my usual array of ?My to-do list? stuff.

I?m looking forward to this year. Doing life?as it happens and not according to some resolution.

Kim is moving to Alaska in the next three weeks. She will not be blogging anymore (she?s crazy?she is getting rid of her computers altogether). LOL

They even changed the ‘about us’ page and removed the picture

Sob! [sniff] We can’t have nice things! Something always comes along and… Oh, God-dammit! [sob!]

Is it the curs?d blog-destroying ah-oogah horn again? Take it away — take the horn away! [sob] It’s been nothing but ruin since we found that thing in an old trunk, down behind the haunted laundromat near Old Man McSteinberg’s haunted pumpkin farm.

authentic car horn.JPG
“Ah-OO-gah! Ah-OO-gah!”

Oh wait, Political Humor is back online. Gimme that horn back for a sec.


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Read in ‘about me’ section:

I am conservative and used to be a Democrat?9-11-01 and the aftermath changed my political thinking 360 degrees.

360 degrees? WTF? This is a parody site made up by you guys at SN!

Admit it already!


That was my theory, too. It’s just too perfect.


First ‘Marie ‘ Jon’, now this.

Why must you guys ruin everything you touch? *sniff* This changes my thinking about Sadly, No! 360 degrees…


“Clumsy Daddy”? Hyuk, hyuk, hyuk.

Oh, and Ah-OOO-ga.


You know, people constantly say I make life interesting. I always assumed it was Don’t Hit Me for “Man, what a freak.”

It’s still *sniff* the nicest thing anyone’s said about me in months, which means my partner’s gonna be hearing about it tonight, if I can manage to get ten minutes of face time in between rounds of Dead or Alive: Ultimate Dinosaur Kills, Now With Enhanced Jiggling.

Maybe you guys should see if you can’t develop a crush on that Atlas Shrugged gal. I gather she’s not going anywhere.




Oh, ha ha, if you don’t put in any spaces in a really long sentence….


This thread did not deserve a S,N!?


I tried to close the tag!


Like me and Brad and Seb and tehl4m3 and Auguste and Pinko and D. Sidhe and… What about us? We make life interesting and worthwhile!

I hate you guys.

I’m tempted to leave an open tag just for spite.

That would be interesting, wouldn’t it, cobags?


I make life interesting, for very small values of “interesting.”


Timmah420 is going to be devastated.


trips to the beach (yes, in the middle of the winter)

This is going immediately in my You’ve lived quite a life Tanzarian file.


Ditto, Yosef-
C’mon, big guys- what are we, Justin Darr!?


A day without witty comments from Marq and Yosef and GuinessGuy and Dan Someone and Timmah and the rest of you is a drab day indeed, though very likely one in which I’ve accomplished something other than reading blogs.

Honest, guys, the only reason I was mentioned is my little-known threat to have a body part surgically removed each month if I am not acknowledged on my favorite blogs.

Remember: I’ve still got an appendix and I’m not afraid to not use it!


My God… organ blackmail.
In that case, I have not choice but to demur- I need my gastro-intestinal and urinary tracts constantly fully functional in order to practice the only brand of fun I know how…


Eazy Cheezy, everyone knows you guys run the place. We totally heart the crap out of you.


What D. Sidhe doesn’t mention regarding her little “useless organ blackmail” scheme, but I happen to be privy to is that once said organs are removed, they are then to be grafted into her unfortunate victim. Yes, at this very moment, some poor soul is out there walking around with two gallbladders. I’ll bet it’s Seb.


Bill O’Reilly has three, now, actually. I admit I was hoping they’d do a better job at regulating his bile output, but we live and learn.


Sorry, I was just feeling a little unwanted. It seems that when a blog hits the big time and becomes the best of the 250-251 blogs, they forget about all the people who got them there.


Timmah420 is going to be devastated.
Nah, I think I need to stay away from those people. I’m starting to believe that Seth guy is giving me a brain tumor.
It’s like trying to argue with a brick wall, except the brick wall is a really annoying asshole…
See? I can’t even come up with a proper simile! Arrrggh!


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