Happy New Year


“Hspfth! Turna light off! [groan]”

“I said, wassyer resolution…? An’ she was like, ‘Iz-issa drunk-dial?’ An’ I said, well maybe i-tis… An’en she sez…”

[slurp] “Aah, fer-getta bouter. Lessplaya game-a [burp] Madden NFL. Gack! Blugh! Who putta cigarette butt inn-a las’ beer!?”

Huck! Huck! Blarf!

[mumble mumble HELP! mumble mumble]



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Ooh! Baaaaaaaad kitties-definitely NOT from http://www.cuteoverload.com...

Happy New Year, you bunch of fur balls!


Better than kitty porn


Dude, that’s the last time I invite those damn cats over to my apartment.


I never knew there was such a large niche of drunken kitty porn. Well, if they have urinating pregnant women, this isn’t all that surprising. Nothing tops the drinking and smoking kitty, though. Well, maybe that one squished into the pint glass. And people say dogs don’t have dignity.


They have urinating pregnant women?


You boys still do Bad Kitty better than anyone I’ve ever known, baby.

Holy cow, laughing hurts though. Warn us next time, so I can have the painkillers handy.


They have everything. Everything except Ben Shapiro. *sigh*


Oh, I’m pretty sure they make urinating pregnant women porn for the Ben Shapiros of the world.


Urinating pregos? Whoa TMI! Drunk kitties. Keep them away from the catnip.


I was the third cat down, falling asleep in a shitty run down chair, after drinking about 30 free canadians. Don’t drink that beer, too yeasty.


this is hands down the best post you have ever done.


mmmMMMmmm…Old Nick barleywine, yummy.


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