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Be sure to vote in World O’Crap’s ULTIMATE WINGNUT Contest!!!!!


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You bastard, Brad, you’re just trying to stuff the ballot box for Swank. Admit it!
C’mon. He’s nutty, but he’s basically coasting on insanity and poor English skills.


Swank is super-wingnut. More imaginary experiences than Giles, quicker to call anyone with whom he disagrees a traitor than Coulter, a more deviant-sounding name than Assrocket, and writes more posts than even Malkin manages to “single-handedly” produce.


Why can’t you ever be nice, like that s.z. woman?


I gotta say, not having actually counted the votes so far (Coulter is the Chalabi of this contest, with 1 vote so far), it looks to me like the ever-unimpressive Hindrocket is fairly handily in first place. Bleagh.


I think Assrocket is leading only because O’Lielly inexplicably failed to make the finals.


Bill-O only got really nuts after he was voted off, twice if I recall.

And I’m handicapping him for the same reason as Swank: insanity isn’t enough to get it done.

I mean, hell, any nutbar can believe crazy shit, and some of them will come down closer to the Bush camp than the PETA camp, for example, but it takes some doing to believe that crap when you’re sane.

I *will* say that massive delusionality is legitimate wingnut territory–it’s just not Ultimate Wingnut, all by itself.

If Swank’s fillings were slightly deeper, who knows, he might be convinced the space aliens were conspiring with the pandas to brainwash us all into worshipping zombie marbles.


Suddenly there’s a fair number of votes for mAnn Coulter. but, between yesterday and today, about 125 voters materialized out of thin air–I think they rode over from Crooks & Liars–and they seem to favor the “mainstream” wingnuts (Coulter, Malkin, and Assrocket) as opposed to the true zanies like Swank and Doc Adams. Oh, well. I still think is Buttmissile’s to lose.

Liz & Lez Cheney

Sis won’t vote for Dr. Mike because he’s afraid of vaginas. She’s never had that problem herself, so she’s voting for Coulter.


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