This is Good News

Escaped Miami rape suspect caught.

And is it just me, or do all sex offenders have skeezy-assed mustaches?


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I didn’t even know you had a mustache.


Damn, beaten to the obvious joke.

But, no. It’s just you. They don’t all. Some of them look like perfectly innocent fathers of three you wouldn’t hesitate to take a ride home from the grocery store from.
And some of them look like upstanding high school boys from the heartland. And an awful lot of them look like frat boys.


To: Sadly No!, Wingnutology SuperComputer Project

From: Dr. Shystee

Re: Request for Peer Review

Esteemed colleagues,

I have posted a graph charting Wingnuttery Per Utterance (WPU) quotient versus Socioeconomic Status of Target Audience. I would love to hear what you think. You are the experts in this field, after all.

Yours in Science,

Dr. S


I make it a habit not to talk to children or look at women when I have a moustache because of the added skeeze factor it gives me.

Though I should add that I’m not a sexual predator; it’s really done the sake of hisperish sarcasm.


That just sounds so harsh…We prefer the term “love offenders.”


mustaches and republican party memberships.


Well…they call it a “molestache” for a reason…


Howbout all the murderers with the middle name of Wayne?


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