I picked up a used copy of Madden 05 for ten bucks last week (I’m too cheap to get the new one). Good God what an addictive game.


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Oh, you have no idea. Wait till you pick up ’06, which gives you the option of generating a player from (literally) scratch, taking him through the draft, and playing his ‘team’ through the years – complete with pre-game practices and the ability to guarrantee a win or rant about not getting enough playing time in a press conference…

I am John Madden’s bitch.


Oh dude, I’m totally making the most selfish, obnoxious player imaginable. This guy will be T.O. squared.


My brother and I are NCAA addicts (we like the option, don’t judge us!).
The bro has (currently) played out a dynasty at Iowa for 7 years (winning every Heisman, position trophy, and BCS during it. He’s rather good) I’ve sadly been away from the PS2 at college, so I don’t have the time for anything but a spot game when I get home…


Legion, in NCAA ’06 you can create a player, get him a scholarship, win the heisman with him, and then after 4 years, you can export him to Madden ’06 and follow him like you said. I imagine next year they’ll be starting with high school football.


Has anyone thought of creating Jesus? I’d make him a quarterback, personally. Just give him long hair and a beard. Oh, and he should play for the Saints (buh-dum-bum).


Brad, gotta get ’06. It’s the best there is. My Jets are like 5 time supperbowl champs ha. Although now I don’t have Wayne Chrebet or Chad Pennigton that’s how many seasons i’ve played lol…….


Tom- it’s nice that you can dream about the Jets not sucking in real life.

Enjoy Johnny Damon, btw. The Red Sox are gonna fall down to third place next year.


umm.. i still play the sega espn nfl 2k5 game.

what is this ‘madden’ you speak of?


Sega’s ESPN NFL2K5, which is what I have, was supposedly much better than Madden 05. I know I’ve had a blast with it. Then EA signed an exclusive with the NFL and *poof!* No more ESPN NFL games. But I refuse to give my money to EA, so Madden 06 could be the Second Coming of Jesus Christ for the Xbox and I would choose eternal damnation before I’d buy it.


EA games for the most part suck. I am addicted however, to Battlefield 2.


Feh, I’ve never been overly impressed by the Sega offerings, although I had heard that the last couple of years had great improvements. I just hope the exclusive deal thing doesn’t mean the next few years of EA games will suck rocks, since there’s literally no competition in the NFL niche.

And I think Jesus should be a Fullback, or maybe an OT – parting the D-line, and all that…


Madden 06 made a lot of nice refinements that are not always easy to notice. The running game in particular is the best it’s ever been. And I can never get enough of the draft.

I think you should make a team where Jesus plays every position.


No, have a draft of the Prophets and the Apostles as well, you could even throw Samson in for a fullback position.


Maybe New Testament on offense and Old Testament on D? Since three is a symbolic number, I see the Old T playing a 3-4, with Ezekiel and Isiah anchoring the ends and Samson at the nose. Moses and Abraham at the OLB spots, King David and Solomon in the middle. Elijah and Jeremiah are your shutdown corners, Daniel roams from the FS position, and Job brings the pain from the hard-hitting SS spot.


But he’s gotta wear cool dreads like Troy Polamalu! The only down side is that Madden06 doesn’t have the cheerleaders in it any more… 🙁


you assholes


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