We Yield to the Representative from Elementropy

While we waddle off the effects of last night’s hillocks of roast beef and oysters (in our new pair of Docs), ‘Tardo’s in great game, mushing Mark Steyn into a bloody paste.

Steyn: If human, now afraid to leave the house.


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Extremism begets extremism (though it is not necessarily a linear equation). If he is, in fact, as extreme in his conservative views, as the author of this article would have us believe, then, right or wrong (or, in this case, right and wrong), he is the natural product of a country that has headed heedlessly towards the opposite extreme.


Hah, right, it’s not steyn’s fault he’s a nutjob, the liberals held a gun to his head and *forced* him to be insane. Thanks fer the explanation, Perfesser.

More seriously, I worry that entry’s too long to go over like I’d hoped. But I wanted to be thorough. Never a such thing as overkill, and all that. And there are some pretty good lines in there as you scroll down. I tried not to make it dry.

Thanks for the link, Gavin.


RETARDO, my application of a systems perspective to the situation was not intended in any way to absolve Steyn of individual responsibility. He was predisposed by civilization (or, in this case anti-civilization) to surface, but, if he is in fact, as extreme in his conservative views as the author would have us belief, he is most certainly responsible for the views he espouses. I was about to use a very bad pun involving the word, “stain,” to further explain, but instead I’ll refrain, and abstain.


No, no. Long as a function of thorough is fine. I’m still working through the links.
If it were just long incoherent rambling, of the sort we get from, say, Marie Jon’, that’d be another thing entirely.

Tbogg’s shorter was Tab-on-the-monitor funny, but man nor woman does not live by snark alone.


Eh, no worries, Retardo; that was a masterly vivisection. The sad thing is that Steyn does have a certain gift as a writer, unlike so many of his fellow US wingnuts.

But then that’s the point, isn’t it? He’s not really a US wingnut. He may live in a forest cabin in New Gobshiteshire or wherever with a cellarfull of AK-47s if he likes, but in the final analysis he is still just a supra-49th pussy.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that, mind. After all, one third of our host is un Hab, and that’s a good thing. Point is, Steyn won’t see it that way. And that’s why he is the one thing lower than a rightwing Yank Bushite toadlicker: a foreign rightwing Bushite toadlicker.


Did BLT just drop some dialectical crap on us?

Oh, B, it’s me Pinko Punko!


Happy New Year, “Pinko, Punko.” C’mon, you’re not fooling me! I know its you, John Bolton.

“Did BLT just drop some dialectical crap on us?”

Just remember, John, one man’s “dialectical crap” is another man’s food for thought. Take it from the sandwich doc!

Welcome to the New Year everybody!
It’s 2006 and THE ‘WICH IS BACK!


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