My Grades This Semester

One A, two B+’s and a B. While this might not seem spectacular, it’s pretty impressive when you consider that I really suck at accounting and managed not to fail it. I guess I’m smart enough to get through grad school after all.


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Congrats, Brad. If you like, I can mail you my talking Barbie.
“Math Class Is Hard!”


Congratulations, dude!

It’s a gooooood feeling to see those grades post, isn’t it?


Good for you man!
I ended up with three A-‘s for my first term (which means a GPA of 3.7… bastardic fractional GPA system). Still good enough for the Dean’s List, though (Yeah, excuse to get drunk other than Christams!)

Oh, and math is of Satan… and accounting is one of the worst non-calc maths out there (boooorring)


Firstly, congratulations..

second, The president was smart enough for grad school, so don’t go breakin’ your arm there….


I got a B, a C, and two D’s.

Yeah, I don’t think I’m going to be a computer engineer much longer.


Where ya going to school, Brad?


Hey, having just gotten through my first semester of college, I know those are great grades; congrats!


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone here!


Merry Christmas to you lot!

And congratulations Brad – those grades are fantastic, especially for accountancy. Also maths students smell bad and have cooties.

Happy holidays all!



Well, Brad, not to rain on your parade, but without a few solid “gentleman’s Cs,” you’ll never be Preznit. I’m afraid it’s the Senate or Governor’s mansion for you!


Congratulations, Brad! Pastor Swank, Marie Jon’, and I are so proud of you!


They’re not as proud as I am, s.z.!


“I guess I’m smart enough to get through grad school after all.”

Yes, but not smart enough to avoid going in the first place.


Brad, you are such a stud!


Better than mine. Two Us and an N.


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