O Canada! Our home and native land!

Thanks to reader Tim, we find out it was a big erreur to leave Canada:

Group sex among consenting adults is neither prostitution nor a threat to society, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled on Wednesday as it lifted a ban on so-called ?swingers? clubs.

O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.


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I strongly comdemn the Canadian court’s assertion that consentual sex among adults in groups is not harmful to society. The continued normalizatin of this type of behavior and the promotion of the misguided notion that humans should be able to do what they like with their bodies without govenment interference is a challenge to our way of life. Why, soon people will be demanding the “right” to commit adultry, bigamy, incest, pedophilia, watersports, man-on-dog sex, dog-on-man sex, man-on-cantelope sex, man-on-oversized-teddy bear sex, and just about any other kind of disgusting behavior. Let’s not allow this “freedom” craze to penetrate our gaping border with its probing thrusts of Canadian-style liberalism.


Gosh! Toronto is only three hours away. Looks like I really need to get up there.


Rick, I think I love you…


…but what are you so afraid of?



I’ve always wanted to learn about hockey.


The majority of people I know who have ever actually engaged in group sex found the entire experience to be rather disappointing.

But hey, you should still have every right to be disappointed by group sex.


I imagine that it’s kind of like when people pick teams in gym class. Everyone has to play, but someone is never ever going to get passed the ball.


hey! don’t knock man-on-canteloupe sex!


*snif* I’ve never been so proud to be Canadian…


Yeah, proud…but aren’t you a little nauseated by all righty-tighties shrieking about this?

I swear, I’m going to become a sacred prostitute to all righties to help them give up, once and for all, their insane mystification about sex.


Oh, I can see it now. Some genius in Washington is gonna propose we erect a big fence along the great northern border….


Somehoe I don’t think the politically savvy response to this story will be any sort of reference to a large erection.


Oh, I can see it now. Some genius in Washington is gonna propose we erect a big fence along the great northern border….

If only. Most progressives in Canada have been wanting a wall since…well, forever, actually. Or at least, since the Fenian raids.


heh. she said “erect”.


[hip, with-it theme music with ’70s TV-orchestra horns]

“Lo-ove, Canadian style…”


How long before American talk show hosts are joking that it’s necessary to legalize group sex in Canada simply to keep warm?


God you guys are too easy…it’s like shooting fish in a barrel!


I bet the US fences off canada now too.


God knows we can’t have that sort of business going on within spurting distance of US soil.
Build a wall with the same specifications as the imaginary mexican wall that is in Kaye Grogan’s head.
You know, the one that deploys landmines…


Portland has an entire club set aside precisely for this purpose, and on certain Friday afternoons you can see a seriously fat hairy guy offloading bottles of water and, occasionally, a backyard-style wading pool into the building. (shiver)

On any given day, one can find a very entertaining discussion/flamewar on Portland Craigslist on the ‘virtues’ and/or shittiness of the “Ace of Hearts.”


Having recently had a comments thread in which S, N!’s generally anything-goes comments policy was confirmed, what’s with this “Your comment has been received and will be posted after review of this blog’s owner”-thing (paraphrased)? What’s changed?


I would like to resign from the UN immediately so that I may take up the noble office of Ambassador to Canadia. Also, I would like to order some extra large Chesterfields and some ketchup chips IMMEDIATELY. I will then bed the Uncanny Canadian in celebration.


It must feel pretty damn good to be John Bolton. Can you pass a few of those ketchup chips my way, John? I haven’t had some of those since I was a kid growing up in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Oh, I almost forgot. You’ve condemned me. Never mind, I’ll have to find another way of getting my hands on some of those ketchup chips.


Auguste: Dude,you’re from Portland? I lived in West Linn before I moved to Scotland! Weird…

Yeah, the Ace of Hearts thing is WAY creepy!



Heh…I actually lived in Northern England (okay, only for a year) before I moved back to Portland…and currently live about half a mile from West Linn.

Damn, I guess we just keep missing each other.


I spent a great two weeks in Scotland once. Hitched around. Stayed in youth hostels. And I’ve been to Portand, Maine. Can I be in your club?


Dan, you can be in the club if you PROMISE to stay away from the LGFers…

Auguste: that’s really weird…we’re just about 20 miles from the English border! Spooky!


…and actually, it’s Portland, Oregon. You know – the other one. But you can still be in the club if you want!


OK, I guess Canada can have their wall. I’d even support the U.S. constructing it. I must insist, however, that it have two inch holes three and a half feet above the ground and spaced evenly along its length. I don’t really care which side the whores work on.


BruceH! LOL!

They’d have to wall off California, too. We’ve got lotsa sex clubs, swinger’s clubs, all that stuff.

Whatever floats your boat, I guess.


Actually, for all of you Darwinians out there, monogomous marital relationships are the ones most likely to further the survival of the species.

If the USA is “One Nation Under God,” sadly, Canada is becoming “One Nation Under Bod,”


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