You can’t judge a blog by looking at its wanker

Take it away, Bo Diddley John Hinderaker:

You can tell it’s a good deal because Harry Reid is furious. He is threatening to filibuster the defense appropriation bill that includes the drilling provision, and to block all of President Bush’s pending nominations. This quote from Reid is unintentionally revealing, as well as hilarious:

We’ve become like the House of Commons. Whoever has the most votes wins. It hasn’t worked that way in 216 years.

Of course, it’s always good to cut out the bits you don’t like to make someone look like an ass. (Of course, Power Line is special because quoting more doesn’t help.) Anyhoo — what Reid said:

The Republican leadership now is attempting to impose the most cynical and I believe abusive practice in this pending conference report that, if successful, has the potential of changing the way this body operates forever. We will become another House of Representatives. […]

In the Senate and the House, the rules are that the conferees are not allowed to include in the conference report any matter that was not submitted to the conference by either House. This avoids the possibility of conferees including legislation that would not pass either one House or the other on its own and forces the Congress to reach a consensus on controversial legislation. This process has served the Senate well for more than 200 years. […]

If this practice is allowed to stand, then the Republican majority, or any majority, can change the rules in the Senate procedure prospectively in a conference committee without any say by the minority party by a simple majority vote on an unrelated conference report. […]

We become the House of Representatives. The Founding Fathers didn’t want two House of Representatives. They wanted a bicameral legislature. But we become the House of Representatives, and the possibilities are endless in an institution that exists to forge a consensus and not act on the whims of whichever majority party is in control at the time. We become similar to the House of Commons . Whoever has the most votes wins. We haven’t worked that way for 216 years.

This abusive practice will allow any majority to alter any rule at any time for the consideration of any measure to advance its short-term political interests and will change the very nature of the Senate. [link]

Maybe a small round of Sadly, No! for everyone? Merry Christmas!


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The petulance quotient just went way up over at Powerline. It’s truly a joy to behold.


happy pagan solstice everyone!

im celebrating by urinating on my town’s nativity scene, drinking the blood of wingnut virgins, and, yes, i’m treating myself to another abortion.

PS: thanks for the welfare check! im off to buy myself a bottle of vodka and a carton of smokes to celebrate.


My mantle is bare and friendless. I wanted to celebrate secularmas, but looks like I’ll just have to have a red stocking instead of an evil blue one. Where’s that PJs media contract I was gonna sign? It should be around here somewhere…


RETARDO, are we having establishment/authority issues? Please don’t take this an an official etiological declaration, but it appears somebody’s toilet training may have been just a little too strict!


It’s a funny thing: when the Democrats are in the majority, the Democrats run Congress. When the Republicans are in the majority, the Democrats still run Congress. How does that work?

It’s a funny thing: when the Democrats are in the majority, Assrocket is a wanker. When the Republicans are in the majority, Assrocket is still a wanker. How does that work?


RETARDO: drinking the blood of wingnut virgins

Wingnuts! Save your blood from RETARDO’s unquenchable thirst!

Are you a wacky conservative whose relationship with reality is, at best, tenuous, and has never had penetrative sex with another human being? You are? Then RETARDO wants your blood!

But fear not – you can save yourself. I hereby offer to immediately penetrate you, male or female, for absolutely no charge. If you wish to be deflowered before RETARDO comes after your precious bodily fluids, form an orderly line behind Ben Shapiro.


Is this the psych ward? Do I have to work today? How did I end up here? I’m supposed to be on my Christmas vacation. Must be a bad dream.


im celebrating by urinating on my town’s nativity scene, drinking the blood of wingnut virgins, and, yes, i’m treating myself to another abortion.

PS: thanks for the welfare check! im off to buy myself a bottle of vodka and a carton of smokes to celebrate.

Weird! That’s totally what I’m doing for the holidays too!


Must be a bad dream

No, you clogging up the otherwise superb comments sections with your insipid bullshit on a continuing basis is the bad dream.


When I looked at that partial quote, I thought “what’s wrong with that quote?” Then I looked at Hindrocket’s article and his oh-so-funny barb: He think’s he’s in the House of Lords! The old “Democrats are rich, now stop looking at my overseas account” shit. Either that or Hindy doesn’t get allusions.


I could spout the usual bile I keep in a jar just for Assrocket, but, instead, I’ll wish Seb & Co. a very Festivus time of year.


Henry, you wouldn’t happen to be any relation to Ebeneezer Scrooge, would you? Merry Christmas!


BTW, for the silent majority of you who are following my music, Black Santa is currently at #25 on the top 50 mp3 downloads at

It’s just below Eminem’s “Shake That,” so head over there and let’s see if you can keep your favorite troll on the charts and ahead of Eminem.


Hey, uh, Doc… You realize that site has links to warez sites and “Adult Friend Finder,” right? And it pops up multiple advertisements? It’s another one of the slimy backwaters of the Internets. According to the statistics page, it has less than 50,000 page hits (though it doesn’t say over what period of time), and note those are page hits, not unique visitors.

I think your rise to stardom is less certain than your “success” on that site might have led you to believe. But good luck to you.


I think your rise to stardom is less certain than your “success” on that site might have led you to believe. But good luck to you.

It’s like picking on a retard.

I couldn’t say anthing to him after I heard “Scary Kerry”. I didn’t like Kerry, don’t like Kerry, I voted for him because the whole contest was portrayed as a referendum on Iraq.

One way or another, that thing just made me embarassed. It was the most pathetic, pussified, wimpy, “beg for a strong daddy” plea I’ve ever heard.

Another thing, he was on here the other day talking about how he was told not to wish anyone a Merry Christmas. Well, bullshit, I’ve never in my life uttered the words happy holidays. Never even thought about it until this year, but somehow I’ve never been told to quit wishing people a Merry Christmas. Just like those dipshits always know a Canadian who hates their health care system even though poll after poll shows it’s the most popular thing in Canada. They lie, and lie, and lie, and they do it because the whole thing is a football game to them.

I don’t care how dumb that filth is, it’s something that supports a police state that spies on it’s citizens and gives them forcible enemas before torturing them sometimes to death. It’s filth and this liberal impulse to gloss over these things makes me want to bash my skull into tiny pieces on a concrete wall.


Dan, I don’t care if patrons of sleazy sites are the ones downloading my songs, just as long as the songs are being appreciated by somebody out there. It doesn’t have to be the Billboard top 10 for me to feel some sort of gratitude and appreciation for those who appreciate my songs. Everybody’s got to start somewhere. Between my 15 minutes of MTV fame, the frequent airplay I receive, and this little shot in the arm, I’d say I’m not doing too bad for an independent songwriter with a voice only his mother could love. At least you have the decency to wish me well, and I thank you for that.

Ed Marshall, resorting to cheap shots, name-calling and adolescent insults has already been tried on me, to no avail. When you resort to those sorts of troglodytic tactics, the only person you discredit is yourself. I don’t think you’d last one day in the graduate school that I attended.

BTW, I’m offended by the “retard” comment. If you feel more intelligent by putting somebody down, then at least have the grace to refer to that person as developmentally challenged.


You killed a few tens of thousands of people (maybe over a hundred thousand), I could give a fuck less what you are “offended” by.



Ed, this is not the appropriate place for you to come to me with paranoid delusions. i’m not here in a professional capacity.


I was only kidding, Ed. Why did you have to go and leave on me just when you were in the middle of adding so much credibility to my status as a bona fide victim of persecution?


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