PZ Myers es en Fuego Hoy


Science practices methodological materialism or naturalism. We test material explanations of the world because that’s all we can do?we don’t have a supernatural toolkit. Christians can practice methodological materialism all they want without damning themselves to hell. Even non-scientists do this all the time, when, for instance, they thump a melon at the grocery store to see if it’s ripe, rather than praying to god to send them a sign.


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PZ has become my favorite blogger by far. Sorry, Brad.

That man can stick it to the fundies like nobody else. I think that if I were gay, I’d propose to him.


Arrrrgh! Why didn’t ye give us the pirate-speak version, Mate?


That was great. It’s amazing how principled atheists and people who have a real understanding of faith are in complete agreement. Truly, God works in mysterious ways.


You mean “est? en el fuego,” not “es en fuego.” Sorry for the pedantry.


The knock on melon is the prayer, God’s response is whether the melon sounds hollow or not. pw3nd!


You mean you guys don’t pray for god to send you a sign before selecting fruit…?


I pray to fruit to send me a god before selecting a sign. I believe I was led to “yield.” “Detour” is the sign of the anti-Quince, meant to lead us off the one true path.


How odd. Quince is in fact, the most evil fruit. I had those growing in my back yard for years, before I found they were in fact, a fruit. I thought they were growths, on a diseased tree.

…uh, what was the topic again?


No, indeed, plantains are far more evil. And don’t even mention durians. But figs are the evilest.


Hot dang! I’ve been doing science all this time and not even knowing it.


Oh, much like the 3Bulls!, quince only seem evil. Also like the 3Bulls!, if you boil them in water with lots of sugar and lemon for about 4 hours (or until they turn rosey pink), they’re quite delicious!


It was in a Spanish-speaking nation that I heard a man yell, “Nice melons!” If I recall correctly, he didn’t knock on them first. Perhaps he was religious…


I don?t think he has ever cared about civil liberties ? he sees his job as protecting us, not protecting our liberties.


I can’t say how much I agree with Bono’s (one of Time magazine’s Persons of the Year) assertion that liberals will go to extreme measures to mock and discredit Christians by trying to make them look ridiculous. In the process, they discredit themselves. It’s almost laughable. Of course a religious mind could never be capable of applying scientific prinicples to his/her experience—-simply imposssible!

Everybody knows that to pair reason and faith produces the mother of all oxymorons. Or are those who cannot find a way to meaningfully juxtapose and integrate them simply morons? No, I won’t assume the ad-hominem-attack-posture–one of the favorite strategies of the left.

As for the “fruit” concept, the Bible does emphasize the value of being discerning and adept at picking out good fruit. In fact, a true Christian is supposed to be recognized by the “fruit” of the spirit he/she produces. Gentleness, kindness, longsuffering, meekness—these are among the qualities of good “fruit.” Admittedly, I’m not ripe yet, but then again, God isn’t finished with me.


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