Bingo for the whole family

Tim Lambert hast the perfect bingo game for the holidays, Christmas, that gay and festive period we call December:

After seeing yet another ignorant column about how banning DDT killed millions and millions and millions of people. I?ve been inspired to create DDT Ban Myth Bingo to make reading these stupid articles more interesting. Just tick the box when they use the bogus argument next to it. […] I?ve also included links to refutations of each argument.

This is our favorite:

Rachel Carson killed more people than Hitler.


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Anytime I read that someone/something is responsible for more deaths than Hitler, I’m reminded of a classic “Uncle Cecil” column.


“Rachel Carson killed more people than Hitler.”

Be fair! Hitler apparently had no idea he was having people killed in death camps, and besides, he committed suicide! Carson should only get credit for the people she slaughtered over as many years as Hitler had.


VKW, your plea goes straight to my heart. What ever happened to fair play?
But, Rex and Cecil make it clear enough (though math is HARD) that RC slaughtered cubic parsecs of potential humanity and wins the prize.


TL is great. He does nice work.


Hitler was a wuss.


Speaking of gay, and Christmas, has anyone had any contact with Marq lately? Apparently, he’s turned my song “Black Santa” into a number one hit at but apparently he failed to indicate who the artist is.

So now their listing it as a #1 song, and they’re generating more downloads than any song of mine in Dr. BLT history, but the artist is listed as Black Santa. I can’t find a point of contact on the site, so Marq, if you’re out there (or any of you who may be able to help me out), please let them know who the artists are on the song:
Songwriter: Dr. BLT
Performing artists: Dr. BLT & Michael C., and please direct them to my site for further information. As you know I give all my songs away, and I appreciate the fact that a hard-core liberal single-handedly turned a song by a hard-core right-winger into a hit, but folks should at least know who the song is by.


Hitler didn’t commit suicide, he was actually killed by Rachel Carson on one of her many murderous rampages. Game, set, and match to Ms. Carson.


Nobody eliminated the competition like Rachel Carson, the MicroSoft of her day.


Yes, I can confirm that it WAS Rachel that killed Hitler. In a jealous rage, by the way. Just linked you up over at my place. Followed a link over here from Hairyfishnuts. Great site.


BLT, what crack have you been smoking? Having never visited or, indeed, ever downloaded any of your songs, I certainly didn’t have anything to do with your “success” there. Had I done either of those things, it would most likely be accredited correctly, since I am a stickler for accuracy… but get real!


Just ruling you out as a possible candidate for future royalties, Marq 🙂

Actually, it must have been another Marq. I read a blog a couple of weeks ago on a music site by a Marq who included a link to Black Santa in that post. Since this is the only place I remember offering the song, it made sense that you might have, for some unknown reason, been the referring party. So to have bothered you, Marq.


That last sentence should read “Sorry to have bothered you, Marq.”


I must hunt down and destroy this false Marq. Not that I am threatening anyone. I’ve seen someone on Steve Gilliard’s News Blog that posts as “marquer.” but that pretty obviously isn’t the same. OTOH, if this other Marq can show he’s been using the name longer than I have, I suppose I’ll have to undergo a metamorphosis into someone else. He could be getting some… odd communications if he’s straight, and wondering why. Heh.


It can actually be kind of a kick, Marq, to share nicks with other people.
I’ve found that the other D. Sidhe users are more than willing to share the name. Possibly because the name is plural to begin with and probably used by people with some odd sense of identity, but who knows.
And, yes, sometimes I get some odd mail that’s clearly meant for some of them, I can only expect that they occasionally do the same.

But the best reason, even beyond cheap entertainment a few times a year from misdirected email and talk requests, is that when the NSA or the aliens or whoever try to find me, odds are good someone else is going to find themselves tapped or probed.

A good alias is a valuable thing. A good alias you share with other weirdos is even better.

So don’t hunt down and destroy anybody just yet. If nothing else, if you share the name, you may have other things in common, which can be cool, but more importantly will just help keep the surveillance society confused. Let’s face it, they don’t seem all that competent, and it shouldn’t be too hard to confuse them.

Meanwhile, Merry Christmas Eve and happy holidays to the only Marq I know, and to everyone else at Sadly, No. You guys have kept me laughing all year, and I appreciate it like you wouldn’t believe.


Good advice, Sidhe, but we know who you are and we’ve been watching your every move. You thought it was OK to reveal your secret at Sadly, no! simply because I was busy in Iraq. Well think again, my friend. Think again. Nothing gets by us. Nothing at all. We even know who Dr. BLT is, and have been downloading his songs to keep the morale up for the boys over here fighting for your freedom to blog.


Yeah, Sidhe, and by the way, when is that Christmas spirit of yours going to kick in? Don’t you know it’s Christmas Eve?


Sounds like a pretty good start

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If any column that says the DDT ban killed more than Hitler is “ignorant” perhaps it would have been more informative to say why than merely to do this bingo charade. Junkscience says 90 million which is about twice Hitler’s score so what figure do you say?


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