Oh, No!

Swedish press: Santa dead via suicide.
(From Ed at Watch Me Sleep.)


I can?t live like this any longer. When I started giving out Christmas presents it was to help those who are worse off in society get a little extra. But greedy store owners took Christmas from me. They sold Santa?s workshop to China where the elves have to work for slave wages while they make billions themselves. The owner of H&M, Stefan Persson, for example, has 11 billion dollars and is one of the world?s 30 richest people. It?s people like him that benefit from today?s Christmas.


[BTW: Please give the gift of Digby this year.]


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I have this theory that K-Lo and Jean Teasdale are the same person, and Kaye Grogan is just a fictional character they created.

Something about the consistency of the thought in all three.

Just a thought.


Did you see that the Onion broke the story that Karl Rove was involved in leaking Santa’s identity to the press?


A sad tragic tale indeed. Even Santa becomes a victim of the angst of my ancestors…


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