En passant (not-so)

B?rub?’s got it.

As we winnow down to our core business of attacking other blogs with mutant cats and making fun of helpless wingnuts, it would be good if we could initiate one considered word into the grand conversation that is the ‘blogosphere,’ and in its wider scope, the ‘national discourse.’


[Brad! Go do a Swank or something or else we’re going to turn into Corrente here…]


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Per Berube: We’ve rocketed past Orwell and gone straight to Kafka.


Does this mean you’re going to start attacking us with mutant cats? You might want to think twice about that.

We’ve got Hip-Hop Clowns and shit-flinging monkeys, just a small sample of our arsenal.


Off topic, but…I want to anyway:

Fuck the TWU and pass the epson salts. I hurt.


Are you guys trying to secretly up the IQ levels of those of us who dwell here in the bog? Every time I follow the linky over to Michael’s place I am immersed in the brainy discourse and can’t help but take some of it away with me when I leave.


Boy – what is swank up to these days? Let’s see…

Former US President Bill Clinton called for ?spying? on Americans. And that was put forth without a court order.
Former US President Jimmy Carter called for ?spying? on Americans. And that was put forth without a court order.
So there.

Oh, snap! Looks like we’ve been served! Or something!


It’s sad what freedoms these cowards will give up for the illusion of security.


Monarchist is good, or perhaps reactionary.

Bless the TWU! Solidarity!

Yours — Ally


I highly recommend viewing the recently-restored DVD release of ‘1776’ (the musical). There’s one song in particular that sums it all up nicely (Cool, Considerate Men). The lyricist was writing about Tories, but certain parallels can be drawn to one of the current parties. The echoes of history continue to reverberate…


Ah heck, I’ll spell it out for you.

Monarchists = Tories = Conservatives = Republicans


No decent monarchist would subscribe to the notion that the king is not bound by the law.


Please! That’s SO Magna Carta. These men aren’t interested in pieces of paper written by fallible men.


Um, turn into Corrente?

In a good way, I assume?


Excuse me….that’s “goddamned piece of paper” to you, mister!


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