Rush speaks for the party that is against class warfare and for the little man

Rush Limbaugh, January 19, 2004:

In order to raise money, John F-ing Kerry is mortgaging his Renoirs. I think it’s a brilliant strategy for Senator Kerry to show how he?s in touch and understands the plight of the common man.

Rush Limbaugh, December 19, 2003:

I haven’t been to the grocery store in a long time. I have staff that does that for me.


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Only difference is that Rush isn’t pretending to be Everyman.


Why didn’t Rush mention he has staff to go pick up Oxycontin in Denny’s parking lots for him?


To be fair, Kerry doesn’t have Rush’s kind of walking-around money.


“Rush isn’t pretending to be Everyman”? Please. Limbaugh can’t get enough of hearing himself talk about how he’s voicing the opinions of Republican Joe Sixpacks everywhere.


Limbaugh is the most puerile kind of nouveau riche. His car probably has gold door handles.


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