Mmmm, it’s filling up!

That’s a Saturday poll. The next poll will be taken after the ‘recent unpleasantness’ that we’re all watching with such a gimlet eye.


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How long before that Christ-flon? (which is like Teflon?, only for Christ-o-crats) finally starts showing some scratches?

Man, am I going to be depending on you guys to keep me company tonight. Tomorrow I find out about a job opportunity that I’ve been working on for months now – which, in true liberal fashion, is an opportunity to teach at one of the most underfunded, underperforming, dangerous public school districts for the next two years. Making less money than I currently make.

And despite all that, I want it so bad that I’m a nervous frigging wreck tonight. I’m so bad that I’m eating precooked mashed potatoes straight out of the plastic container and singing along to the most embarrassing music on my computer (Good grief, I own Les Miserables *and* Jesus Christ Superstar?!?) at the top of my lungs.

And none of this is doing anything to help me finish my last final exam, either – a paper on the achievements and failures of the American progresssive/Left movements since WWI.

Somebody lay some sympathy on me tonight…I could sure use it.


….and in happier news, how about that Bolivia?


[fwd an email addy to my sadno address, if you would — there’s a holiday prezzy, but we can only send ’em via e-]


you forgot Poland!


Jillian, much sympathy and many hearty wishes for good luck.


Yes, Jillian, good luck — your treasonous and terrorist-coddling tendencies notwithstanding.



Don’t worry, the WaPo has a happier poll:

President’s Approval Rating Rebounds

“President Bush’s approval rating has surged in recent weeks, reversing what had been an extended period of decline, with Americans now expressing renewed optimism about the future of democracy in Iraq, the campaign against terrorism and the U.S. economy, according to the latest Washington Post-ABC News Poll.”


Jillian – Good luck, I hope you can turn a whole class of inner city kids around, then write a screenplay about it and sell it for millions.
Don’t forget all us little people 😀


Jillian, good luck; good thoughts. But…

Good grief, I own Les Miserables *and* Jesus Christ Superstar?!?

…I’m so very sorry!
And, VKW, how, exactly, is that a happier poll? I’m waiting with bated breath for a post spying revelations one. Come on Dems in ’06–we need a majority so that we can impeach and jail that bastard and all his cronies!


Jillian: I hope I’m not too late to pass on my best wishes for your success. That’s a hard gig, and you’re a stellar person for wanting to take it on.

…and yeah, how ’bout that Bolivian election? I sense a ‘liberation’ in their future…

Freedom is on the march!


Jillian- do it to it!

We have like 500 hundred fingers crossed at Three B!s

Gavin- we dedicated a song to you at, one of our many internet endeavors. It’s like Pajamas with a purpose and a reasonably clear mission, but no logo.



Today, Doughy Pantload said this at NRO:

“I was out of pocket most of the day yesterday”

Just wondering, is this a reference to chronic masturbation? or was he out of Cheetoh’s again?


Thanks for the kind words, guys – it really does keep me going!

No word yet on the position…I’ll hear by tonight.

Bolivia’s been fighting for their water rights for over a decade now. It’s a scary thought – if your country gets in debt to the World Bank, they can come along and privatize your water supply and charge prices so exorbitant that poorer people can’t even get potable water.

Speaking of which….what’s our national debt up to now?


The Bechtel story reminded me of a story I saw a while back on Democracy Now. An Indian woman and water activist told how Coca-Cola had drilled for water and left all the surrounding wells high and dry, then proceeded to try to sell bottled water to the very people whose wells they’d drained dry. Utterly charming.

And with the job, let us know, this is very exciting!


I finally heard…they’re going to offer me a position!

I don’t know where yet…it could be anywhere from rural South Dakota to Camden, NJ – the murder capital of the country. But I’m just excited to be given an opportunity to be one of those people who helps to make a difference, instead of one of those people who sits on the sidelines and watches. I’m so lucky!

And thanks a bazillion times over and again for the expressions of support – they really did help to take the edge off of the worst of my nerves. You guys RAWK!

Now, if only I can finish this last paper…….


Hey, that’s fantastic, congratulations! I hope you get a place that doesn’t completely suck. Someplace not in New Jersey, in other words. Now I’ll leave you alone so you can write…


Hey, that’s fantastic, congratulations! I hope you get a place that doesn’t completely suck. Someplace not in New Jersey, in other words.

Um… (ahem.)


Did anyone else just hear something? No? Oh, okay, sorry. I just thought I heard a sharp intake of air, as if by suction. Well, nevermind.


Jillian–congratulations! Now, don’t get killt… I survived a few years in NJ (not teaching; studenting), and look what it did to me. Whoops–hi, Gavin!


Jillian: Congratulations! That is excellent news. Fingers crossed for a good placement…


A belated congratulations to Jillian! Help yourself to the espresso double-chocolate chunk cookies, they’re in the kitchen. 🙂


Good luck, Jillian.

As for Bolivia guy- he’ll be dead within 3 months, mark my words.
He’s pissed off all the wrong people, for both good and idiotic reasons alike (The US Government, the Bolivian Military, The Catholic Church, the Columbian Drug Cartels, Coca-Cola, The Gas Cartel, the World Bank, etc…).
We won’t do him, ’cause he’s (mixed metaphor alert!) small potatoes in our playground (ditto for the Vatican and Coke), but my money’s on the Drug Cartels or the Military doing the deed.
Can’t say I’ll miss him (apathy… sorry South America!), but I’m curious to see the reaction to his death/exile.


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