Never mind the war on Christmas

This is much more serious. Much more:

Police whack giant snow penis

Bonus points: the caption that accompanied the first photo:

A snow stands next to and points to a pile of snow. The pile was a snow penis made by Jessica Sherer that was kicked down by New Windsor police.

Extra credit:

The last two nights of freezing weather has made the snow too stiff to sculpt, said Sherer. But she intends to rebuild.

Thanks to Chuckles for the link.


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double extra credit:

Biasotti worries the display might give others ideas. “Now we’re going to get snow penises popping up all over town,” he said.


that’s funny.

One drunken snowy night my friends and I were trying to make a giant snowball and push it into the road, but we got it to the edge of the park and couldn’t push it anymore, so we made it into a giant snowman, who was getting head from a lady snowman lying on the ground.

My friend Tom went all out with the detail, so that there was no doubt what it was supposed to be. He actually drove all the way to his house in a blizzard and then drove back with a camera and got pictures.

It’s a good thing he did, because somebody knocked it down early the next day (probably the parents of some kids sledding at the park.)

We didn’t make the news, but I definitely sympathize with the creators of lewd snow scultures whose work is destroyed by amateur critcs.


i like when the official says that these things might end up “popping up all over the place” now that’s funny


First, illegal wiretaps without even a secret court order. Now this. It’s snowballing…


Hahahahaha I just simply love the idea of snow penises spreading, and overtaking the traditional snowman as the snow structure of choice. Now that’s a war on christmas, we could call it “Fuck tradition” and the name would be literal!


These cops better never go see the Sapporo Snow Festival. They’d find, among some of the finest ice and snow sculpture found anywhere in the world, snow penises all over the damn place. It’s tradition, dammit!


If you have ever been to New Windsor, NY, which I have, trust me on this one — a little snow penis is what the town needs.

What next, no more pink houses?


I am deeply shocked!


there’s a really easy “snow job” joke in here somewhere, but i’ll pass on it.


The caption of the linked photo is wrong! The snowman is obviously pointing to the sky… Oh, he means the snow penis is in heaven.

Now, that’s sweet!


it can’t have been very big.

shrinkage and all.


Somebody needs to sculpt a “snow twat” around the entrance to a mountain tunnel or some such. And bonus points to anyone who gets a picture of the Oscar Meyer Wienermobile driving into it.


A friend of mine represented our high school in a statewide Spanish-language competition, and he was asked to write an essay about his proudest moment. He wrote a two- or three-page essay in flawless Spanish about the day he and another guy built a 12-foot snow penis on the campus of a nearby university.

His essay got disqualified, and his teacher was totally pissed at him, but it’s one of my favorite high school-era stories.

Officer MacSmeggy

Cops can be….wait for it…….SUCH DICKS!


On the plus side, a frigid mate would be no problem.

OK, I’m sorry.


Bwahahaha. The snow is too stiff to sculpt? There is such a joke in there. 🙂


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