Waiting for the next Bush approval-rating poll

Gonna need one of these.


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Um. Is this a game of “spot the difference”?


Yes, admitting “mistakes were made” and expressing sympathy for those who disagree with him is exactly the kind of red meat Chimpy’s base loves.

Wonder why he didn’t think of this before!


Ooooh, could you make it kettle corn? And those numbers better be going down. I think the floor on those numbers is 35%, which suggests a pretty high level of the crazies in this country.


Ah sweet, sweet Kettle corn why are you so addictive?

Democrats need to keep on hammering Bush hard! Bush has had at least 2 solid weeks of almost uninterrupted access to the media – if Bush’s numbers still go down that’d be excellent news indeed.


I know this has probably been discussed elsewhere, but how can anyone possibly approve of the president at this point, let alone a double digit figure? He was busted abusing government powers, plain and simple.
The part that gets me is the people approving of him at this point are the same ones who adamently hate liberals for wanting an intrusive government.


Forget the popcorn, i’m getting out the vodka, where’s the clicker, time for a a little CNN.


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