Take it, kitties…


[putt-putt-putt-Erk! (slam)]

[piano theme]

“I’ve paid my dues…”

“Time after time…”

“I haff done mein zentence.”

“But committed no crime.”

“And bad mistakes…”

“We’ve made a few!”

“We’ve had our share of sand kicked in our face, but we’ve come through!”


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“…We-e are the cham-pions, my friends…”

“And we’ll keep on figh-ting, ’til the end…”


“No time for Looo-ooo…”


“Or schmoo-oozers…”

Or boo-oozers!”


[piano theme]

[Vroom! putt-putt-putt-putt…]


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congratulations! Was your campaign to keep Berube in second place also a success?


We have a wiener!!!

Excellent… most excellent.


Brilliant montage, Gav 🙂


Fantastic. And I didn’t even remember to vote for you!

Wait, ignore that. Glad I could help!


Brown Daily Squeal placed last in the “Best of the Rest of the Blogs (8751+)” with 20 votes. You know, my mum always said everyone who plays is a winner, but…well, anyway.

Congrats, guys. I’ll have a celebratory poutine tonight at Vite Vite, Patates Frites.


excellent. i did vote for you repeatedly. brad’s scheme worked out. i was wrong! we were able to beat a rigged contest!

the hitchens pic is perfect.


Also, That picture of the cat driving the bug, is the goddamned cutest thing ever.


I just realized who that german accented cat looks like: Mr. Lippman!


Is that Linda Lovelace’s cat? Because one of the things you learn from R- (as opposed to X-, thank you) rated documentaries about porn is that some porn stars have cats named Adolf.


Congrats, and kickin’ montage!

Why do I have the strange feeling that Dr. BLT helped make this possible?




Ha Ha!!! Congratulations!


Congrats! But, um, which piano theme? “Kitten on the Keys?”


Ok, so this is kind of random, but is anyone here a native speaker of French? If so, is the following sentence grammatically correct?

“Quand a dit Marie que partira ton ami?”


Sorry, let me ammend that sentence:

Quand a dit Marie que partira problement ton ami?


Quand a dit Marie que probablement ton ami partirait?

Sounds more correct to me but the construction still sounds clunky and somewhat unnatural.


Oh, I’d also like to give a self-indulgent “Fuck You!” shout-out to Atlas-lady, who was beaten soundly in her catagory.



What does Hitchen’s have in his hand, a rosary?? Who the hell is he, Graham Greene? Also, he head looks like the blood engorged body of a tick compared to his tick-head like body.


Kittens and winners! It doesn’t get any better than that!

Congratulations guys…I voted early AND often (but I have to admit that whole Michael Berube thing did confuse me a bit!)


Congrats, boys.


Waitress! Hitch needs a refill!

Also, I’m imagining Kaye in that Freddie Mercury jumpsuit. Hell, fit all the wingnuts for one. Now that would be a group photo for the ages.

Well-deserved award, by the way.


I actually generally like (though generally disagree with) Hitchens (reminds me of one of my uncles)- but that picture captures perfectly his essence.
As MP Galloway put it:
“You’re a drink-soaked former Trotskyist popinjay”
“Your hands are shaking. You badly need another drink”


Is this deserved? Happily, Yes!




(which is to say, GAVIN!, that a certain jingle is now (pong ping pong ping pong ping, banana phone) rattling my braincage.)

and,of course congratulations.


Rocksteady, gentlemen.


Congratulations, soon all the world will bow before their evil kitten overlords. All Hail!


That picture of the kittens dropping their bombs, with the one kitty about to crash and burn, is the best picture ever.

I also like how Chaz’ eyes MOVE in the picture that adds Maglaladingdong. Very creepy.


Congratulations! But can someone tell me why kittens are liberal and dogs conservative? ‘Cause I don’t like that arrangement.


Was your campaign to keep Berube in second place also a success?

Hey! I thought that was a campaign to lift me out of a second-place tie. I’ve been had!


That’s what we wanted you to think my brainy friend. Muahahahahahahhaa


I for one, welcome our evil kitten overlords.

Well played gentlemen, well played.


Congrats thrice: once for the doppleganger switcheroo with Berube; again for The Win, and also for a bloody *brillliant* montage.


That second from the last photo looks like Hillary when she was caterwauling on the senate floor about a year ago over the Bush administration’s handling of the Iraq war, just before she switched strategies, and began to convince us she’s a conservative hawk with a passion for the unborn.


Just as long as no kittens were harmed in the making of this montage…


Hey, they’re all wearing fur!!!! (Well, all except one).

PETA, where are you when we need you? Where is the moral outrage?


Once again, Kittens show us the way. Surely goodness and mercy shall follow them.


Esmay on the Error-tay

Glenn Greenwald, at Digby’s place, points to this interesting post from Dean Esmay, on the NSA surveillance story: These leakers have exposed a perfectly legal, perfectly sensible government operation that has undoubtedly helped round up hundreds of me…


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