It’s over; we’re obsolete.

Thanks a heapload, 3Bulls. Don’t we get a gold watch or a Williams-Sonoma gift certificate or something?


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Those guys are nothing but a bunch of munchwagony chundernuggets!!!


I heard they were knucklemuffiny chumpsticks.


No worries! We’ll still need people to adorn the insult with the extraneous exclamation points, ampersands and pound signs that give the insult that special home-baked feel!!1!!!1@


We had a guy today that made dealing with BLT seem like a sensual swedish massage. You couldn’t even joke with the guy. Even THYCWOTI got banned. Everyone loves Yosef. Crazy.


yeah, you better not piss me off or i’ll insult you by calling you a…douche-muffin? hmmm..


Yeah, let me just go ahead and say that the emperor has no balls. Come on over to ROD, where we have the f-bomb, and will frankly use it to destroy those who provoke us in the least.


Everyone loves Yosef.

Reminds me of an idea I had for a TV show…


Hey, I wanna give this a try!

You thunder-muffin wagon-wheel-hole!

eh, I need more practice.


Jefe, you know there is an internet help-line for 3B-type insults?


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