Looks like that was a good decision

We saw but could not bring ourselves to read Sullivan’s latest Sunday Times of London column. As always, the indefatigable SullyWatch cuts through the crap and notices that once said crap is removed, all you’ve got left is newspaper ink on your fingers:

Finally, after seven grafs of this, his stunning conclusion is that … he has no idea what this means. In better days, a pencil-chomping editor would have chewed him out and sent him back to his typewriter to write a real column, one that, you know, has an actual point other than to satisfy the minimum requirements of his contract.


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You really should read the Sully piece. It’s a classic. Sully’s the funniest idiot in journalism since Norah Vincent imploded.


At OTB’s suggestion, I tried to read Sully’s Sunday Times article. Don’t listen to OTB. It’s not funny and neither is Sully. True, he is an idiot but he’s as nausiating in this piece as he ever is. Hurling chunks is not fun. Nor, is it funny if I am the one doing it.


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