What are you talking about, exactly?

Michael B?rub?? No, he’s over there. What do you mean?


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Three Bs! just had our very first up close experience with wing-nuttery. We have to say we were a little singed. Both Pinko and thycwoti both had their comments first edited, then were both banned. It wasn’t even the trollz. Such cobaggery in this world. And with the Baby Jesus on his way.


Toto! It was all a dream! Toto? Why are you wearing my lipstick? Gavin!


I made the same vow to Lucy and I’ll do it for you, Pinko and thycwoti. I’ve got major clout with right-wingers for obvious reasons. If you tell me exactly who was responsible for getting you banned, I’ll try to get the two of you unbanned. You folks know how I feel about excercising the right to abuse free speech. I’ll take baby Jesus, Mary, Joseph and even a few wise men (namely, right-wingers)with me. Heck, I may even consider asking the shepherds to momentarily stop “watching their flocks by night,” in order to join me. I was going to say, “I’m going to kick some ass,” but I didn’t want to offend that fine animal that Joseph was seen riding on.


You’re just calling yourself “Song Blogger” now, BLT? Is that kind of like a Puff Daddy > P.Diddy > Diddy, thing? Or is it more of a “artist formally known as…” thing?

…You’re different, you know. Fame has changed you.


I’ve got major clout with right-wingers for obvious reasons.



What can I say, Mal de mer? Al Gore invented the internet and I invented
“blog ‘n’ roll.” I stay humble knowing that I am but the first in what I believe will be a series of “blog ‘n’ roll” stars to emerge within the blogosphere. You see, this whole blogging phenomenon is still relatively knew. I believe blog sites will eventually become like virtual coffee houses, like the coffee house folk music scene of the 60s, where not only politics, philosophy and religion were discussed, but music and beatnic poetry were shared freely.

I use the term “blog ‘n’ roll’ star loosely, being humbly aware that I have become more of an underground cult anti-hero than a star. I didn’t ask for it, and I hate fame, but now that you folks have ushered me reluctantly into that fast lane, I have learned to accept it as harsh reality. I don’t even really remember how I ended up in “Sadly, no!” But my “fame” has indeed spread since I stumbled blindly into this strange territory–when you folks began to ridicule, and then, reluctantly embrace me.

At the risk of appearing pedantic and boring, allow me to educate you on the emergent “blog ‘n’ roll” phenomenon. Rock stars typically give their fans autographs. Since fans don’t have direct access to “blog ‘n’ roll stars,” blog n roll stars offer blogographs, the name we enter on the computer keyboard before posting. Altering my name came about when I learned that folks were printing my posts just for the “blogographs.” I don’t want to go from being an under-the -radar-anti-hero to a common, household name, and I felt that folks here were wearing out my name with all of the “blogographs” they were collecting. I’m sorry, I should have provided a short answer to your question, but fame has indeed changed me. Though I’ve become more humble, ironically, I’ve become increasingly prolix, more self-indulgent and ostensibly narcissistic in my blog entries. I despise those qualities in myself. Fame, in all of its ugliness, made me that way. I better stop now before I make myself sick.


It’s late, and I’m tired. Can someone lend me the Coles Notes to that last comment from Dr. B?


Not the sandwich guy again. I thought he was leaving for good about 10,000 comments ago.


Bruce, it was Der commissar, but I don’t care about getting unbanned. I don’t want to mess with that comunchdouchewagoncloacastick ever again.


Ain’t worth the trouble.


“Not the sandwich guy again. I thought he was leaving for good about 10,000 comments ago.”

I assure you, gus, I will eventually go away, but not until my mission has been accomplished.


Oh dear Cthulhu, he’s on a mission from gawd. Gaah.


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