As we learned earlier, there’s a best-of-the-blogs award thing going on this week. How we survived the nomination process is anyone’s guess, and once that happened, simply everything started going to hell, such that we’re currently in the opposite of last place, in the category of ‘blogs that are less popular than Firedoglake, but more popular than The Iowa Voice.’ Or, in their parlance, the ‘top 251-500’ — according to that Truth Laid Bear blog-ranking ecosystem that, well, whatever that is. We’re something like a Skateboarding Aardvark, according to them.

It’s unclear whether the Best Blog banner rights are transferable (i.e. can be sold on Ebay), and we plan to find out about this, assuming we win, which is, like all things, up to King Jesus.

But as we know, the important thing in life isn’t so much winning, but making conservatives lose and feel bad. And in this regard, the one result that absolutely must not come to pass — whatever Jesus might have to say about it — would be to have conservative author and columnist Austin Bay, of the Austin Bay blog, gain second place over Michael B?rub?, of Michael B?rub? Online.

Austin Bay (bad)

Briefly, Bay must lose. Furthermore, there isn’t even any such place as Austin Bay, since Austin remains, to all recollection, an inland city. His is a name outmatched in geographical malapropism only by that of author Camden Joy — and it will likely remain so unless the German customer-service representative Virginia Urban marries and hyphenates with a man named ‘Planning.’

Therefore, we here at Sadly, No recommend that ev

Therefore, please continue voting for me, Michael, and this blog right here, just as you have been doing. And don’t vote for Sadly, No until l say so. Thanks!


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Plus, he’s been on 666 for quite awhile now.


Hey! You got your Michael B?rub? in my Sadly, No!


No, you got your Sadly, No! in my Michael B?rub


Sidhe- Don’t even try wrapping your head around it. The closest you could come to understanding would be if you took If on a winter’s night a traveller and put it in a blender with Gravity’s Rainbow.


Aw, I was just going for an easy joke and hoping someone would get to “Two great tastes that taste great together!”
‘Cause, you know, you are. And, of course, I’m easily amused.


Vote for Eschaton in Best Blog, Think Progress in the Best Group Blog, the Law Dork in Best Law Blog, CanConv in Best Canadian Blog, Bloggerheads in Best UK Blog, John Quiggin in Best Australian and New Zealand Blog, Informationally Overloaded in the top 2501-3500, and D-Flat Chime Bar in the top 6751-8750. Please?


In this case, I’m following the abstinence-only approach to voter education.

Besides, I’m too busy what with euthanizing babies in my Nether regions and all…


My favourite club night is in Camden and it provides plenty of joy. Thus I refute your comparison.


There are multiple Camdens, and some are quite nice. But not that one, sorry. Or that one.


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