Sunday Football Open Thread

Lotsa good games this week. I predict the Pats will defeat the Bills by 10 and clinch the division. Even though I hate Peyton Manning, it’d be cool to see another team go undefeated, so I’m rooting for the Colts to beat Jacksonville. As much as I love the Eagles, they’ve lost four effing Pro-Bowlers, and will get crushed by the Giants. The Steelers need to beat DAAAAAAAA BEARS to stay alive. And just because Yosef is my homey, I’ll pick Carolina over Tampa by a touchdown.

Update: That was a very nice touchdown run, Mr. Brady. But please, please, please don’t do that again.


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the eagles are having the season from hell. following them is like getting kicked in the nuts a few times a week…i’m gonna go listen to freedom ’76 and pout.


Dude, that’s why they’re my second-favorite team. They’re the Red Sox of football.

Even though it’d be an enormous waste of cap space, I kinda hope they keep T.O. and pay him not to play, just to ruin his chances at the Hall of Fame.


yeah, but you’re also a pats fan, which is like rooting for the sox AND the yankees.

as for T.O., he’s a walking train wreck. can you imagine being a regular employer and having someone work for you that, despite thier obvious value to the company, refuses to ever shut the fuck up? he’s had chance after chance to prove that he has a speck of human decenecy but he fails every time. i hope noone ever hires him and he’s forced to play arena football…. or, better yet, canadian football.


The Pats aren’t as evil as the Yankees though. I’d say, histoically, you gotta go with the Cowboys. How many convicted felons did they have in the early ’90s?


Stupid Steelers… stupid lack of starting safeties… Stupid slow-acting pain-taker-awayer booze…


Bears, Chiefs, Raiders, Eagles. . . all my teams suck. Therefore I am a bad person.

Chiefs might still beat Dallas, but it’s kind of hard to really get behind a team that you can count on every week going “Ooops! Here, take 14 points. No, we insist.”


holy shit! can this be right? eagles and giants tied at 17 in the 3rd? ah well. the birds will find a way to blow it. my money is on a missed 28 yard field goal.


I’m putting my money on an Eagles loss via fumble recovery TD runback.


Recovered by the Giants, that is. Even the Eagles don’t suck that bad.


Yep, they blew it. But damn, that was a good game.

Plus, the Dolphins beat the Chargers??? Fuck that.


“Freedom ’76”

Freedom of the body
Freedom of the mind
A ho on South Street hired for tricks
Little girls pickin’ up sticks
Freedom of ’76

Wastee little weasel
Wants cheap tricks
Liberty bell cracked in half
A bacon steak
A perfect match
Freedom of ’76

My girl Sasha
Lookin’ good on the street
“Mannequin” was filmed at Woolworth’s
Boyz II Men still keepin’ up the beat, yeah
Freedom of ’76

Fairmount Park in the summer
Lookin’ good on the street
“Mannequin” was filmed at Woolworth’s
Boyz II Men still keepin’ up the beat, yeah
Freedom of ’76


Dramatic match in Italy last night, Inter beating Milan 3-2 in the derby…Adriano scoring the winner in the 90th minute!

Well, it is the football thread…


nice to hear about inter. I was talking about that match with a guy at a party last night. (He was wearing an AC jacket, so I had to start talking shite.)

Also, leave it to the Jets to start winning now. They had a chance to get the first draft pick, but with the Texans losing, who knows…Watch them win out and end up with the 10th pick or some BS.


AJ- Ever hear the Ween song “She Fucks Me”? I bought a live Ween DVD and I heard it live for the first time. It’s hilarious.


yeah man. tug played that for me one time when we were driving around somewhere. he also played me a 30 minunte poopship destroyer that scrambled my brain.
good ol tug…the composer of all your feelgood favorites, including:
“incest is best”
“i didn’t mean to buttfuck you”
and that all time crowd pleaser “masturbatin’ with satan”…
what’s the name of the dvd you got?


Too bad there was no NFL on yesterday, huh?

Anyone notice that Appalachian State Univ. is going to be playing for the National Championship? That’s the one school that Judson Cox didn’t go to.


BTW- I think I should start selling t-shirts that say “Yosef is my Homey”.


Yosef may be your homey, but his (and your) Panthers are now required to wash the car of any Bucs fan who demands it, at any time, until the next time we play them, at which point, it will happen all over again.

Panthers cheerleaders are required to perform other services.

Did you SEE the way Cadillac just drove ALL OVER dem dum housecats?


Panthers are now required to wash the car of any Bucs fan who demands

I’d be careful of that. The way things are going Atlanta is going to beat the Bucs. I don’t want it to happen, because I hate the Vick, son of Joseph and Mary, more than the Bucs. But the Falcons used to own the panthers, then the cats won. The Panthers used to own the Bucs, then the Bucs beat them. The next step is for Atlanta to beat the Bucs.


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