Step away from the keyboard and no one gets hurt

Adam “Gonzo” Yoshida has another brilliant idea:

We [sic] must declare it openly that it is totally unacceptable that any power other than the United States be a superpower. […] We must know that it is worth dying, and killing, to prevent the Chinese ascent. The rise of China to leader of the world would mean the probable end of Western Civilization and, certainly, the end of human progress as we have known it.

So what’s a Canadian boy to do you wonder? It’s as easy as Now-Medication-Free:

extensive aid should be given to pro-democracy activists in Hong Kong, including money and, possibly, weapons to more radical groups. […]

Third, extensive aid should be supplied to the followers of Falun Gong. Again, I have no great love for the followers of this ?religion?, there?s a group of them who line up every morning in the park I walk thought and, quite frankly, I think that they?re little more than another weirdo pseudo-cult. However, they are clearly a powerful force within China itself and aid to them is bound to increase social disorder and alienation from the government.

Fourth, China?s large and growing Christian population should be funded and encouraged to geographically concentrate in areas of potential future value, especially those accessible from the coasts. […]

Fifth, extremely covert efforts should be made, through the use of agents placed within Islamist groups, to direct some of the fury of Islam against China.

This last idea is our favorite, because if there’s one group of people out there who are just totally keen on helping the US maintain its status as the world’s sole superpower, it is Islamic terrorists. What do you say guys? Finally, a word from our sponsor:

American power is, and must be, eternal. We cannot lose it unless we lack the resolve to keep it. It is America, and only America, that can lead humanity into the stars and its next stage of evolution. It is only America that can carry forward those great traditions of the West, our peculiar heritage, onto eternity.

This haiku, poster by a visitor to Adam’s blog, is worth reproducing here:

In Yoshida’s world

like a great big game of Risk
I call blue pieces

Showing once again that Adam is a younger, Canadian version of Steven “Stratego” Den Beste.


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Sadlyno dares to read those that no sane person listens to.


It’s like watching a maniacal child work himself into a wacky, little-kid, “me-me-ME-goddammit” frenzy.

But alas, little different from Cheney or any of the other insane clown posse running (into the ground) our country.


It’s sad when people read history and can take no lesson from it. All of the Empires of history have fallen due to a lack of will? I actually feel embarassed for the guy, particularly with his strategies for crippling China. Good grief, does he think that this is a grade school lunchtime game of “War”? I’ll bet he’s built a really cool fort with a “no girlz aloud!! sign over the entryway. Unfortunately his pathetic inability to actually approach a problem in a mature and reasoned way is…… mirrored by the White House. Games like “King of the Hill” are best left on the schoolyard rather than made into a national policy.


I love “We [sic]”! Finally, an idiot who’s not American!


I love the way he thinks hes an american. Holy fuck! Hes a loon!


I am also amazed that he can type so much one handed.


If Adam is such a booster, how come he hasn’t moved here yet?

Went to Den Beste’s sight for the first time and looked at his bio. He is Comic Book Guy come to life!


Aren’t his statements on the fringe of being illegal in Canada?


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