Can your toilet do this?

Because if it can’t, it’s time to go to the ANA Gate Tower Hotel Osaka:

Rooms include a Washlet? (an electronic toilet seat with built in nozzle that sprays a stream of water for personal cleaning), trouser presser and safety deposit box. [Emphasis added]

Update: Commentor forked tongue points out that World O’Crap has discovered someone whose toilet has a most unique feature.


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That’s nothing–as World O’Crap points out, Suzanne Fields has a toilet that can blush. Top that!

Satan luvvs Repugs

Hey, get with it guys! These things are all over Japan, and are just amazing.

I particularly like the models that have an IR remote control. for US models.


Indeed, mine can: I have a BioBidet (the cheapest, cold-water model).


These things really are a godsend, esp. for people with hemi’s (not the one in their truck) and hairy folks, for whom using toilet paper is, as Adam Corrola put it, “like trying to get peanut butter out of shag carpet.”


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