Time to take a little trip down memory lane…

Now that Sami al-Arian has been found not guilty, let’s see what our favorite wingnuts had to say about the trial. First up, Michelle Malkin, in June 2005:

Oh, and if you wonder why some Republicans are tight-lipped about this case, I highly recommend you get a copy of Paul Sperry’s hard-hitting, new investigative book, Infiltration: How Muslim Spies and Subversives have Penetrated Washington, especially chapters 27, 28, and 29 on undue Islamist influence at the White House and Department of Homeland Security.

PowerNut, August 2005:

Professor of terrorism: An update

Same nut, June 2005:

The outcome of the trial of former University of South Florida Professor Sami al-Arian that commenced this past Monday in Tampa will provide another marker in the status of the war on the home front.

Little Green Somethings, August 2002:

The story of tenured University of South Florida professor Sami Al-Arian is complex and confusing, and it?s even remotely possible that he has nothing to do with terrorist organizations, despite all evidence to the contrary.

Remotely indeed.

Bonus: This internet radio thing is wicked awesome. (Thanks, again, to reader Tim.)


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They will wait to find out if the Justice Department is going to retry him on the deadlocked charges.

If they let him out they will scream not about burying an innocent man for three years in solitary confinement but about how this proves that the legal system isn’t up to task and let a terrorist go.


Yeah, I noticed that the feisty Filipino posted the trial’s verdict on her blog without adding comment.


Bonus: This internet radio thing is wicked awesome. (Thanks, again, to reader Tim.)

Isn’t it though? I’ve been listening to that for 3 days straight, no TV even. I keep waiting for them to cut me off, but it really does seem to be free.
What names or songs have you guys been putting in? GWAR, beck, Bob marley have gotten good results for me.


I love how Michelle posts statements from anonymous users at Democratic Undergound…in this lastest case, from people who could give a rat’s arse whether the Iron Lady lives or dies.

*tsk tsk*…I mean, it’s not like anyone suggested the Thatcher be sent to an internment camp, or anything.

What a cu…oops. Sorry.


I believe the word you were looking for is “cunt”


Remotely possible?

Given what he presented for his defence this time, the only flaw in the justice system so far is that the judge didn’t dismiss the case entirely before letting the jury have it.


Yes, he may be free, but I assure you, he’ll never mess with Bill O’Reilly again.


oh, Seb, I think your old friend David Frum came calling at my house! Wanna let the air out of his tires while I chat with him?


he’ll never mess with Bill O’Reilly again

Did he say “happy holidays” or something?


FlipYrWhig: No, but Bill may have been instrumental in getting him into trouble in the first place. He was once a guest on the No Spin Zone.


Wow!! That Pandora music thingee linked to at the very bottom of this post is AMAZING!


Wow, that’s great Dr.

God knows if Bill O’Reily smears you and you say anything about it you deserve three years in solitary.


Same test for all music recommendation sites.

Put in Yes. If it recommends Kansas, it sucks. Because their commonalities are all surface; they have no similarities on any other level.

It’s like putting in The Beatles and getting The Archies as a recommendation.


Yes, he may be free, but I assure you, he’ll never mess with Bill O’Reilly again.

And I thank god every day that a ratings-chasing blowhard is able to have a tenured professor fired, arrested, and held in solitary confinement just on his word. Some might think that placing such power in the hands of an entertainer who remains unaccountable to anyone would be, well, un-American.

But those people just hate America and love to make the baby Jesus cry.


A ratings-chasing blowhard?

Yes, Dorothy, it sounds like we’re talking about the same Bill O’Reilly, and, while he has moments where he shines, it may surprise you to know that I don’t worship the ground he walks on.


That’s one point for you BLT, O’reilley is the biggest douchebag or the most brilliant actor this world has ever seen.


That’s good news, Timmah. You’ve made my day. Now I’m only in the whole by about 999,999 points.


Al-Arian just confessed to aiding terrorism…what do YOU say now?


What’s your point?


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