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ABC reports:

The United States is eager to get off on the right foot with Merkel after turbulent relations with the government of blunt Bush opponent Gerhard Schroeder.

After Merkel said the US, via Rice, admitted to making a mistake when it arrested and detained a German citizen for five months, we found out how eager the US is to “get off on the right foot:”

But senior U.S. officials, traveling to Romania with Rice on the next leg of her European tour, said Rice had not admitted a U.S. mistake over Masri.

While the U.S. government had informed Germany about his detention and release, it did not say that was a mistake, one senior administration official told reporters.

“We are not quite sure what was in her head,” he said, referring to Merkel.

Yeah, that should smooth things over. Besides, it doesn’t sound like a mistake was made in this case at all. Not even close.


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“We are not quite sure what was in her head,” he said, referring to Merkel. He continued: “I mean, Inge or whatever the hell her name was probably suffering indigestion from all the bratwurst and beer she had for breakfast, or whatever those Krauts eat….Oh, maybe you shouldn’t print that…don’t want The Germans mad at after all eh?..heh heh, heh heh.”


Oooooh! CAT FIGHT!


I know what was in her head. It was sour kraut, without a doubt!


I read about this case a while ago, and it is just appalling that this guy was held for so long and then just dropped off like he was let out of a Mob limo in the Vegas desert. That’s a great way to be a shining example of freedom and civil liberties.

At least when you make a mistake, take the opportunity to sincerely apologize and offer whatever recompense you can to show you kind of give a shit about public opinion.


Merkel says U.S. admits error in detaining German national

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said Tuesday that the United States has admitted making a mistake in


I agree Brando. That’s what decent people would do. Yep.

Not going to happen in this case.


So, BLT, it’s nice to know that you approve of the abduction and torture of innocent people. Lovely. You haven’t quite attained an ideal Christian set of values, though, sad to say. Well, keep up the good work, I;m sure you’ll find a moral or two someday. Or, you know, not.


BLT actually stands for Bind, Lacerate, Kill.


Hey now! The US of A does not make mistakes. If he was renditted, he must have been extraordinary.

Civil liberties? Human rights? Pshaw! Wake up, old Europe, the times they are a changin’!


My kids and I are really big fans of the 80s movie “The Gods must be Crazy” which has a part where the school-kidnapping-terrorist guy is asked by the schoolteacher “Are you just afraid to admit a mistake?” and he yells at a kid to tell the Army to set food out every 10 miles instead of 20 and says “Tell them SAM BOKHA MADE A MISTAKE” (giving very dirty look at school teacher) – this is what the kids and I think about whenever any person in authority has made a mistake and is forced, kicking and screaming, to admit it.

So I can picture this one already.


“get off on the right foot”? isn’t that a james brown song?


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