Oh yes, oh yes we can

Through Roger Ailes we found out earlier we were nominated for something, namely The Weblog Awards. Not just nominated mind you — but nominated in the “Best of the Top 251 – 500 Blogs” category. Now that’s something to put on the old resume!

Yet we’re not the bragging sort here and we weren’t going to mention it. Until, that is, we saw this:

When last I checked, I was running well ahead of a couple of right-wing blogs, but in a virtual tie with Austin Bay for second behind . . . Sadly, No! Can we allow this all-important 251-500 category to be taken by Sadly, No!? I think we all know the answer to that one.

Those words were written by Michael B?rub?, an American (we think) whose name includes more accents than ours, and we’re from Montr?al! So let’s make sure we make Michael pay, and give him a little taste of Poutine Power?. Should we lose anyway, we’ll always have three words to keep us company: Je me souviens. Go!


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Poutine – are those the liver fries with the sour ice cream dressing?


gladly, oui!


En garde! And may the man with the most accents win.


Done! (BTW, you’re kicking wee Michael’s ass)


“Trying to Grok” a/k/a “Struggling to Count” is up for the hotly contested 3501-5000 category.


Okay, I voted for you, but I don’t have to be happy about it!


not even close at this point.


not even close at this point.

Merde! I need more accents!


you can only vote once per computer per 24 hours. Later I’ll go to the library. they’ve got literally hundreds of computers there. I might even vote for Mr Berube a couple of times…


Well, I have voted for S,N! early and, indeed, used an artificially-evolved recombinant hybrid of the several patented multivoting viruses that supporters of various middle-European blogs used in last year’s Satin Pajamas to vote for S,N! often.

Bow before the power of smoked meat, B?rub?. If it’s any consolation, you clearly take the prize for Quantitative Accentedness; though I suppose it’s not too late for Seb to change the name to Ş?đł?, Ň?!

In point of fact, though, I’d be delighted to see either of you win.


What I want to know is how did LGF make it to the “Best Blog” group?



But can i bitch about the lack of a category for knitting blogs? There are 19 zillion of them, a lot of them have books/book deals now,a nd yet, they are completely invisible to the larger blog community.

So, um, there!


The correct expression is je me souviens, motherfuckers!!!!!!

Three Bulls! hosed again. When does worst blog nominaroos come out?


Where do I pick up my “I voted today” sticker?


Oh hell yes! We kick Sista Toldjah’s sorry white ass!!!


Dammit, I was hoping SN! would win without you even mentioning it on the blog. Then we could really chortle as B?r?b? whores for votes.


Oh, I think you all can start chortling now. But I will be honored to serve as the runner-up in case Seb cannot, for any reason, fulfill his duties.


There are some categories with only a few liberals and so they have a chance to win against the conservatives they stacked into the mix. Let’s screw the wingers by making them pay for stacking the categories:

Best 251-500: Michael Berube & Sadly No

Best New Blog: Glenn Greenwald & Yellow Dog Blog

Best 501-1000: Needlenose & Roger Ailes


I know that there are about 27 quintillion blogs out there now, and that these choices leaned heavily right (kinda poor planning on their part-the conservative vote was highly fragmented, so often libs were kickin’ butt), but in most of the categories, I didn’t know anything that was up for voting! I just blew those off, ‘cos I’m not voting on stuff that sounds like it might be left-leaning sight unseen. I didn’t even know any of the LGBT blogs (though I did read Boi From Troy a couple of times ::blush::).
And is it just me, or did they have Digby’s Hullabaloo misspelled? Nice.
And, “Best Group Blog,” the Cotillion? Gaa!


If you want to see how not to be funny, check out some of the humor/comics nominees. As Homer Simpson would say before dropping trou: “Are you ready to laugh?” The General is annihilating them.

I did my part by voting yes for Sadly, No! My finger is still purple.


do we get to TP his house?


Sad-ly-no! Sad-ly-no! We’re number 251! Woo hoo! In your face!


Marq, why aren’t you reading Pam’s House Blend?


I honestly haven’t the time to add much more to the blogs that I read regularly, or even the ones that I visit infrequently. There are a lot of blogs that I’d like to visit at least every once in a while that I rarely get to check out (moderate visual impairment doesn’t allow me to read-or type-quickly). If I completely gave up commenting, I could probably fit in 3-4 more blogs daily, but where’s the fun in that. I’ve toyed with the idea of starting one of my own, but unless it was a mindless stream-of-consciousness type of thing, if it required a modicum of research, it’d kill me. Also, the general subjects I like already seem pretty well covered, so, not having a well-developed group of right-wing sites to fisk, a set of regular “rounds” to make, I don’t think I’d necessarily have anything all that new to add to the larger debate. Plus, I’m lazy!


Not just nominated mind you — but nominated in the “Best of the Top 251 – 500 Blogs” category.

Tapdancing Christ! You guys could retire from the royalties alone!

Congratulations, chaps. It’s awesome seeing you and Berube annihilating the competition.

-The Rev. Schmitt.


We would like to announce that the New and Improved Weblog awards have been moved to a new site. All blogs considered for awards will now only come from the 9,000,000,000,000 – 9,000,000,000,000,000 division.

Thank you for your time.


Hey, did anybody see yesterday’s Prickly City? This very blog is prominently featured!

Those of you not, uh, blessed with this particular comic strip may wish to visit Shrubville to get the full picture.


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