Jingle Bulls J++

Eat it, Bush Cobagz!!1!11!!!eleventyone1!!

Also, not content merely to ruin the institution of marriage for all straight Americans everywhere, Res Publica is now helping to eliminate the so-called “Christ Mass” holiday, which has been so much in the news lately.

Ha ha, O’Reilly — these cookies will really make you “felafel.”

What have you done, today, to help stop “Christ Mass?”

Bonus Wingnut Projection insight: Wasn’t it just a little over a month ago that the fundies were once again trying to ban Halloween? Like, for real?

Hey wingnuts — you know what’s orange and spooky and glows, and makes a great outdoor holiday display? …A suspicious house fire! Ho-ho-ho-ho!


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I have to give credit to Blue Girl of Blue Girl Red State for the super-awesome graphic. She concocted it for our Holiday “Yeah, we said Holiday” Bake-Off. Also, I’m really sorry for any psychological damage done to anyone who accidentally views the horrible, horrible picture of Deena. That was posted by my evil and completely out-of-control co-blogger, Adorable Girlfriend. Who’s not MY adorable girlfriend, just to be clear.


I quite like the greeting I saw on another blog *gasp*-yes, I admit it, I’ve been reading other blogs! It was this: Merry Christmyth.


Hey, what’s up with this other, bizarro-world Res Publica?



I think I’ve found the best Christmas present for ol’ Falafel O’Reilly right here.

(mildly nsfw link)


We need to get an update from GS about whether the sign got removed- that was EatItBushCobag v2.0. They busted the previous one during Bush’s visit. I would love to get the four seasons of “EatIT Bush Cobag111!!!!”, but the chances of snow in Tuscon??


Res certainly enjoyed frosting my cookies…


Teh, scat jokes are not appreciated.


Yep… my school banned Halloween my third grade year. Replaced it with a “harvest day” thingy.
Whiny psuedo-Mormon bastards…


PP: who said it was chocolate frosting?


Gavin, that truly is bizarro Res – no cookies plus approving links to Kevin McCullough!!!!!


The Winter Solstice is the Reason for the Season!


yeah Respublica at typepad seems about as straight as you can possibly get. So straight, I couldn’t even imagine a troll boarding party, it would almost seem toomean. Nobody can be that sheltered.

She’s pimping the catchphrase “Happy Holy Days” in her war FOR Xmas. Happy Asshole Days would be our res publica.


The Winter Solstice is the Reason for the Season!

And here I thought it was the Xbox360/Tickle Me Elmo/whatever the hell is this year’s big ticket.
It’s still Jesus at my parents’ house… thank God.


PP: who said it was chocolate frosting?

Hee hee! Ah, good times. Damn-! I just larfed st hard that I sploited that dildo outta my ass*.






*well, somebody’s makin’ claims regarding my virtue down at the first Limpy Bizkity thread. I dunno where these people get those sort of base ideas!


After reading the comment above, I will now be posting as Major Limpy.


Oops I accidentaly left a comment at bizarro Res. Naughty me!


Hey, Gregor, me too! *HIGH-FIVE*


*Leaves Him Hangin’*

…..Aw, no way!!! *High-Five*

Thanks for commenting at Bizarro Res. I was feeling guilty but after reading your comment there I have regained my sense of moral indignation!


That bobsled-riding bear placard thingy in the photo above has the slogan ?Happy Holidays.? Yet the residents of the house supposedly hate such phrases.

I guess I shouldn?t be too surprised, contradictions are a massive trait of Republicans. Regarding the sign on the left, I wonder if they secretly dislike Bush and hate the troops?


Silly dave128!

You just don’t get it! It’s OK to say, “Happy Holidays” if you’re a good, god-fearing Limbaughnian. That just means, “I hope that you enjoy the various holidays, including Jesus’s birthday, that occur around this time of year.” However, when said by a non-republican, i.e. a communist satanist, it translates to, “I hate you and your god, culture, and family. I’d like to sodomize Kris Kringle, and pee on your Nativity scene!” See why they’re so sensitive?


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